Game Day Sliders

1# Ground beef
1/6 cup (2-3 Tbls) Go-Chu-Jang sauce
1/8 Tesp. garlic powder
Romaine Lettuce
Jalapeno Jack cheese
mayo, or mustard, or even BBQ sauce
Peach Jam with habanero
Slider buns
   Mix the ground beef, go-chu-jang sauce and garlic powder well. Form into 1 1/2 oz balls and mash flat to fit the slider buns.
 Fry, or even bake until just done.
   On the bottom bun, smear with the mayo, or other condiment as you desire.   Add the romaine lettuce, then cheese slice,
 followed by the burger. Top this with s swab of jalapeno peach jam, and then add the remaining slider bun top.

For the Peach Jam, you can purchase a jar of Peach Jam, dump contents into a sauce pan. Add up to 1 full finely chopped
hhabanero, depending on heat level you would like. Simmer the jam, adding a bit of water to make up for any lost, until the
 habanero is cooked. Let cool, return jam to the jar and refrigerate.
A second method:
1 can sliced peaches in sugar syrup ( not corn syrup), and about 1 quarter or 1/3 of the can of sugar. Place in sauce pan and
cook, slowly under low heat, taking care not to burn the mixture. After fruit is hot, mash with tater masher, or you might do
ahead of time in a food processor, making sure to leave small chunks of peaches.
    From here its just like making jam at home. Cook down until it gets thick when cold. At this point, just take off the heat, let cool.
Keep refrigerated. (this is the method I used for the Sliders, even keeping it on the thinner side. This way it can also be used like a
thick syrup for pancakes, biscuits, and as a topping for ice cream.

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