Updated 3-2-18

Grilled Jalapeno Peppers ( with chorizo)

12 large jalapeno peppers
1 cup mexican blend shredded cheese, or as needed
6 slices bacon
A. Outside:
     1. Set up grill for direct cooking over medium heat. Oil grate when ready to start cooking
     2. Slice peppers from stem to tip on 1 side. Carefully squeeze ends of pepper (like a change purse)
          and scoop out seeds and veins. Stuff peppers with cheese. Cut each bacon strip in half crossways. Wrap each pepper with 1 piece of bacon and secure with a toothpick.
      3.  Place peppers on hot oiled grill. Cook 3-5 mins per side, or until bacon is cooked but not crisp. Remove toothpicks and serve hot.
B.  Inside:
      Preheat over to 400F. Prepare peppers as directed above. Place on foil lined sheet pan. Bake for 25 mins or until bacon is cooked thoroughly and starting to crisp.
Variation: Use a mixture of half mexican blend cheese and chorizo sausage,(lightly sauted, and well drained of grease).

Green Chile Brownies
This is a cross between the pepper flavor of the cocoa drink of the Aztecs and the sweetness of chocolate that is so enjoyed in our country.
   Mix two or 3 4-oz cans of Ortega-brand diced green chilies (probably the best brand in my opinion) into your next batch of brownies.
If using a box brownie mix, start with 1 or 2 cans of chilies, moving up to 3 cans if you wish.
When I make a batch, using a mix, I usually drain the canned chilies  for a short time. I also cut part of the water usually asked for. Even doing that can add more liquid than called for in the recipe, which will cause it to take a longer cook time than called for.
If you have fresh green chilies, you can steam them to precook, chop them into small dice,  then add to the mix.
Other variations, added along with the green chile, or separately, as desired:
Teas. cayenne pepper;
1-2 teas. powdered chipolte pepper;
1/2 teas.  powdered habanero;
1-2 finely chopped pickled (or fresh) habanero, well drained, squeezed to remove vinegar. A small amount will not distract from the flavor.
    You can also split the recipe, adding the peppers to only 1/2  of the recipe, pouring each half  into opposite sides of the pan at the same time, creating 2 different sections, but allowing for a small section with a blending of the 2 different flavors. Here I would only go with 1 can.

How about some chile powder in your hot chocolate for a treat. You can even use a mild chilie, to avoid a too spicy heat. 

I even know of a individual that adds cayenne to his coffee. Sounds funny, but adds a surprisingly interesting flavor to the drink.
Berkot’s, a local store chain, sells a very nice fresh-made Apple Sauage, which I think would work well with a sauerkraut/sausage dish.
One of my favorite uses of this sausage, and other fresh-made styles of sausages is for making a sausage burger.
Stripping the casing off, I mix the sausage with 1-2 very finely chopped habanero, fresh or pickled (well drained and pickling liquid lightly squeezed out before chopping). (I use a piece of plastic wrap to hold the pepper as much as possible while chopping. Mix very quickly and handle as little as possible, or use the plastic food handling gloves if available. Immediately Scrub you hands to try and remove any capsaicin. Even after than, be Very careful where you put your hands.) Then fry up, top with cheese if desired, then tomato, lettuce, etc, as desired. Fresh Jalapenos can also be used. I love adding the habs because the peppers fruity flavor blends so well with the apple flavor producing a very fine taste treat. If the spicy heat is a issue, you might start with 1/2 pepper  per burger.
     These burgers are so good, they will make you dance, and your tongue slap your lips with Joy.

Still dousing your french fries with that tasteless red stuff that uninspired manufacturer's call Catsup??
Instead, try mixing 2 parts Ranch or Blue Cheese Salad Dressing with 1 part Sriracha  Chili Sauce. I prefer Tuong ot Sriracha Sauce. A nice garlicky sauce put out by Huy Fong Foods. If I know I'm going to enjoy some french fries while out on the town, I carry a small container of this mix to make my eating out more fun. (Some I know prefer mixing 1 part Dressing to 2 parts Sriracha for a better bite.)

Chili in cookies. The Mexicans make a special wedding cookie, much like a Sugar Cookie, adding a dash of cayenne to the recipe. I’d suggest finely chopped habanero’s, maybe even homemade candied habs, finely chopped.

Just remember, what ever you prefer,  protect your hands and eyes while handling peppers.

Severely Hot (or Not) Sauce
1 lb. Jalapenos, stemmed and sliced in half lengthwise.
1 lb. Serrano chilies, stemmed and sliced in half lengthwise
3 cloves garlic
3 tbles plus 1 teas. Kosher salt. (Using regular table salt will result in a very salty product.
Kosher salt itself, is a larger crystal than regular, resulting in the lower weight of salt in the recipe.)
2 1 / 4  cups white vinegar
1 / 4 cups sugar
  Char the chilies on a grill or in a broiler until black. The timing on this will vary depending on your oven’s heat and size of the chiles. You may need to work in multiple batches to cook them all.
   In a food processor or blender, puree the garlic until minced. Add the chilies, salt, vinegar, and sugar, and puree for about 3 minutes or until well combined.
   Transfer to clean glass jars that seal tightly, and refrigerate, covered, for up to several months.

Quick “Pantry” Peach Jam
1 29 oz can Peaches, light syrup*
2 very finely minced Habanero chilies
1 tablespoon Red Pepper flakes**
3/4 cup sugar
   Add peaches to pot and bring to a simmer. Add the sugar and let liquid start cooking down.
After the peaches get hot, I use a potato masher to crush them. (I suppose a food processor could also be
used before heating the peaches, but I think the potato masher allows more control on reaching the
consistency I prefer.
Add the chilies.
Continue to cook down, taking care not to allow it to burn.
I use the cold plate method to determine when the jam has cooked down to the Consistency
I prefer. However,  even if a bit too thin, it can be used for pancakes, topping for Ice Cream,
 Smoothies...your imagination for fun with food, is your only limit to its use.
*heavy syrup can be used, but I prefer the lighter syrup as its mostly corn syrup, and not sucrose.
**Make sure its Not the crushed  Bell Pepper, but real chili. The brand ( I use in my chile recipes uses
New Mexico Hot (Red).

More Jam ideas:
Strawberry Jam: 1 jar strawberry jam, 2 habs. Dump into a small pan and heat the jam, adding the habs.
Just cook long enough to cook the peppers. If you think the jam has thickened too much, you can always
add a bit of water to thin it back out.

Orange Marmalade: Put marmalade into a small pan. Add 1-2-3-4 (oooohhh yea!) finely minced
Hab and 1/4 teas 5 Spice powder.
Again, simmer until the peppers are cooked and 5 spice powder well infused into the marmalade.
Let cook and Refrigerate

Jalapeno Jelly, Pantry style
1 jar Apple Jelly.
2-3 finely minced Jalapenos’
Simmer Jelly and peppers together until peppers are cooked.

Candied Lemon or Orange Peel?? Try candied, green, or Red, chilies. These make interesting, eatable
decorations for pastries, pies (MMMMmmmm slivers of Golden orange habs on a lemon meringue pie)

I guar-oonnn-tee, your tongue will just slap your forehead  with joy when it encounter all these fine

Presently, I purchase my chile powders from:   'Chimayo To Go'  www.chimayotogo.com       or   www.cibolojunction.com

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