Shiloh, April 6-7, 1862

                                                           National Cemetery. Shiloh

Grants Headquaters

16th Wisconsin Color Bearer site, 6 Color Guards
were killed during the battle. At one time the Cemetery
 flagpole was at the center of the Wis. site.
8" Siege Gun

Used the 1st day, near the Iowa Monument.
On 2nd day, used at the Peach Orchard

and Duncan  Field

Random Headstone
                                                                                                                       Pittsburg Landing.....Today
The position of the Landing, in 1862, is actually at the Northern edge of the Cemetery. You can still see the original road,
 but Not the original landing, as it has been competely eroded away by the river.

Toward Savannah

Facing South, or Up River

Bluff from river bank

Right of Observation

Upclose view
This is the site of Sidney Johnston's Last Camp and Bivouac
Johnston's Last Headquaters, April 5, 1862 Road back to Johnston's Last Bivouac location Wally and Tom Parsons, Ranger and..member of our group!
A short walk down
The Pittsburg-Corinth Road, facing South, along the
easternside  of  Fraley Field/Woods Field
Wood's Field, from the Southern edge. Facing N.N.E. toward the Fraley Field. At Southern edge, facing East. Position of the 3rd Mississippi Infantry Battalion pickets 3rd Mississippi position, facing east to Fraley's Field.
Fraley Field
Entrance into Fraley's Field Walking into Fraley's, SW corner facing W.N.W. facing N.N.W. facing North
End of Fraley's, into Wood's Field, facing South, toward the entrance of the field. Facing into Wood's Field, looking S. West.
The Seay Field
Postition of 8th and 9th Ark. Skirmishers of Woods Brigade Facing East into Seay's Field, from the Woods Marker Facing East into Seay's Field, from western edge. Facing E.S.E. from edge of Seay's Field. Facing Southern edge of Seay's Field.

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