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  Lincoln   Gettysburg  Vicksburg   Navy
War of the Rebellion, OR's on CD, by Guild Press*
The Official Military Atlas of the Civil War*
Navy OR, on CD, by Guild Press*
The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln- Roy P. Basler, Editor  9 Volumes
The Southern Historical Society Papers, CD, by Guild Press*
Confederate Military History, on CD, by Guild Press*
Papers of the Military Historical Society of Massachusetts, 15 Volumes*
Iowa History-Treasures from the Archives (Vol. 2)
Containing the full or abridged text of thousands of rare or out of print popular
historical documents  CD-Rom
Civil War and Iowa-Greyhounds and Hawkeyes (Vol. 3)
containing the full or abridged text of thousands of rare or out of print popular historical documents. CD-Rom
Southern Bivouac-6 Vols.*
Military Annals of Tennessee-Confederate 2 Volumes-Edited by John Berrien Lindsley*
Generals in Blue-Lives of the Union Commanders-Ezra J. Warner*
Generals in  Gray-Lives of the Confederate Commanders- Ezra J. Warner*
The Civil War Dictionary- Mark M. Boatner III
The Class of 1846-From West Point to Appomattox- John C. Waugh
The Civil War Battlefield Guide-Edited by Frances H. Kennedy-1990
Maps of the Civil war-The Roads They Took-David Phillips 
Diary of Gideon Welles-3 Vols.-Edited by Howard K. Beale
Recollections of the Civil War-Charles Dana, intro by Charles E. Rankin
The Supply For Tomorrow Must Not Fail, The Civil War of Captain Simon Perkins, Jr.
a Union Quartermaster
-Lenette S. Taylor

The Wartime Papers of R.E.Lee, edited by Clifford Dowdey and Louis Manarin*
The Civil War Day by Day, An Almanac 1861-1865, E.B.Long with Barbara Long
Battles and Leaders of the Civil War*-4 Vols. Articles from Century Magazine
Edited by Robert Underwood Johnson & Clarence Clough Buel
Battles and Leaders of the Civil War-Vol. 5-Cozzens (autographed)
The Annals of The Civil War-Written by Leading Participants North and South-with
New introduction by Gary W. Gallagher
Battle Cry of Freedom-James M.McPherson
Ordeal of the Union in 2 Volumes-Allan Nevins
Emergence of Lincoln in 2 Volumes-Allan Nevins  
War for the Union, Allan Nevins-4 Volumes
Soldiers-Blue and Gray-James I. Robertson, Jr.
Desertion During the Civil War-Ella Lonn
States Rights in the Confederacy-Frank Lawrence Owsley
Blue & Grey in Black & White-Newspapers in the Civil War-Brayton Harris
The Sable Arm-Black Troops in the Union Army, 1861-1865-Dudley Taylor Cornish
A Regiment of Slaves, The 4th United States Colored Infantry, 1863-1866
Edward G. Longacre
Social And Industrial Conditions in the North During the Civil War
Emerson David Fite,  1976 reprint from 1910
Gotham At War, New York City, 1860-1865-Edward K. Spann
Prelude To Civil War-The Nullification Controversy in South Carolina, 1816-1836
William W. Freehling
Union in Peril-The Crisis over British Intervention in the Civil War- Howard Jones
The American Civil War and the British Press-Alfred Grant
One War at a Time-The International Dimensions of the American Civil War-
Dean B. Mahin
Civil War in the Making 1815-1860-Avery O Craven
The Walter Lynwood Fleming Lectures in Southern History
The Cause of the South-Selections from DeBow's Review, 1846-1867
Edited by Paul F. Paskoff and Daniel J.Wilson
North of Slavery (The Negro in the Free States 1790-1860)-Leon F. Litwack
The Slave Power-The Free North and Southern Comination 1780-1860-
Leonard L. Richards
Southern Pamphlets on Secession, November 1860-April 1861 Edited by Jon L. Wakelyn
The Civil War in Appalachia-Collected Essays-edited by Kenneth Noe and Shannon Wilson
War at Every Door-Partisan Politics & Guerrilla Violence in East Tennessee-1860-1869
Noel C. Fisher
Mountain Rebels-East Tennessee Confederates and the Civil War, 1860-1870
W. Todd Groce
The Orphan Brigade-The Kentucky Confederates Who Couldn't Go Home-
William C. Davis
A Very Violent Rebel-The Civil War Diary of Ellen Renshaw House
Edited by Daniel Sutherland  (A 'Voices of the Civil War' series)
Surviving the Confederacy-Rebellion, Ruin, and Recovery-Roger and Sara Pryor During the Civil War.- John C. Waugh
Too Afraid to Cry-Maryland Civilians in the Antietam Campaign-
Kathleen A. Ernst-Foreword by Ted Alexander
Henry Hughes and Proslavery Thought in the Old South- Douglas Ambrose
Secessionists and Other Scoundrels-Selections from Parson Brownlow's Book
edited by Stephen V. Ash
When the Yankees Came-Conflict & Chaos in the Occupied South, 1861-1865-
Stephen V. Ash  
My Passage at the New Orleans Tribune-A Memoir of the Civil War Era-
Jean-Charles Houzeau-Edited by David C. Rankin, Translated by Gerard F. Denault
Sectional Crisis and Southern Constitutionalism-comprising
The South and Three Sectional Crises; Constitutions and Constitutionalism in the Slave Holding South
by Don E. Fehrenbacher
Plain Folk and Gentry in a Slave Society-
White Liberty and Black Slavery in Augusta's Hinderlands
-J. William Harris
Look Away! A History of the Confederate States of America. William C. Davis
The Gray and the Black- The Confederate Debate on Emancipation  Robert F. Durden
Rebel Watchdog-The Confederate States Army Provost Guard-Kenneth Radley
Civil War Prisons-Edited by William B. Hesseltine
Life and Death in Civil War Prisons-J. Michael Martinez
(Cpl. John Wesley Minnich-CSA,  Sgt. Warren Lee Goss-USA)
Confederate Strategy, From Shiloh to Vicksburg-Archer Jones
The Life of Johnny Reb-Bell Irvin Wiley

From  The Virginia Regimental Histories Series 
9th Virginia Cavalry-Robert K.Krick
Miscellaneous Disbanded Virginia Light Artillery-Robert H. Moore,II
A Lieutenant of Cavalry in Lee's Army-9th Virginia Cavalry-G.W.Beale

War In Kentucky-From Shiloh to Perryville-James Lee McDonough 
Perryville-Battle for Kentucky-Kenneth A. Hafendorfer (autographed)
Perryville-This Grand Havoc of Battle-Kenneth W. Noe 
When the Ripe Pears Fell, The Battle of Richmond, Kentucky- D.Warren Lambert 
Army Of the Heartland-The Army of Tennessee 1861-62   Thomas Lawrence Connelly
Autumn of Glory-The Army of Tennessee 1862-1865   Thomas Lawrence Connelly
Nothing But Victory-The Army of Tennessee-Steven Woodworth
Liddell's Record-St. John Richardson Liddell edited by Nathaniel Cheairs Hughes, Jr.
Stonewall of the West-Patrick Cleburne & The Civil War   Craig L.Symonds
Soldier of Tennessee,  General Alexander P. Stewart and the Civil War in the West
Sam Davis Elliott
The Shipwreck of Their Hopes-The Battles for Chattanooga-Cozzens
Mountains Touched With Fire, Chattanooga Besieged, 1863-Wiley Sword (Autographed)
The Battle of Resaca-Philip L. Secrist
Marching Thru Georgia-The Story of Soldiers & Civilians during Sherman's Campaign-
Lee Kenneth

War Years with Jeb Stuart-Lieutenant Colonel W.W.Blackford, C.S.A.
Bedford Forrest and His Critter Company-Andrew Nelson Lytle
The Artillery of Nathan Bedford Forrest's Cavalry- John Watson Morton, Capt.-
                                                                             Chief of Artillery, Forrest's Cavalry
Bedford Forrest-The Confederacy's Greatest Cavalryman- Capt Eric William Sheppard
That Devil Forrest-John Allan Wyeth, with a new forword by Albert Castel
An Unerring Fire-The Massacre at Fort Pillow-Richard L. Fuchs

Battle at Bull Run-William C. Davis
Confederate Goliath-Battle of Fort Fisher-Rod Gragg
Fredericksburg & Chancellorsville-The Dare Mark Campaign Daniel E. Sutherland
Chancellorsville-Stephen W. Sears
Bloody Promenade-Reflections on a Civil War Battle{The Wilderness, May, 1864}
Stephen Cushman    
Stones River-Bloody Winter in Tennessee-James Lee McDonough
Lee's Terrible Swift Sword-From Antietam to Chancellorsville-An Eyewitness History-
Richard Wheeler

Shiloh: Bloody April-Wiley Sword
Shiloh: Bloody April (newly corrected Edition)   Wiley Sword
Shiloh:The Battle That Changed The Civil War-Larry J. Daniel
Guide to the Battle of Shiloh, edited by Jay Luvaas, Stephen Bowman, 
                                            & Leonard Fullenkamp
"Seeing the Elephant" Raw Recruits at the Battle of Shiloh
Joseph Allen Frank and George A. Reaves

History of the Campaign of Mobile, Including the COÖPERATIVE OPERATIONS of General Wilson's Cavalry in Alabama-CC Andrews (reprint of 1866 issue)
Yankee Blitzkrieg-Wilson's Raid Through Alabama and Georgia
James Pickett Jones
Confederate Mobile-Arthur W. Bergeron, Jr.
Confederate Mobile-Caldwell Delaney ( A pictorial history)
The Story Of Mobile-Caldwell Delaney [a short history of the Mobile area] (paperback, 1953)
Mobile Bay and the Mobile Campaign-The Last Great Battles of the Civil War-
                                                             Chester G. Hearn
West Wind, Flood Tide, The Battle of Mobile Bay-Jack Friend
Last Stand at Mobile-John C. Waugh           autographed
Mobile,1865 Last Stand of the Confederacy-Sean Michael O'Brien

Apostles of Disunion, (Southern Secession Commissioners and the Causes of the Civil War)   Charles D. Dew. A excellent online site, owned by Mr. Erpperson, and a companion site to this book is The Secession Commisioners.
Why The North Won The Civil War, Edited by David Herbert Donald
What They Fought For  1861-1865,.-James M. McPherson
Soldiers Blue and Gray-James I. Robertson, Jr.
The Art of War-Sun Tzu  (Barnes & Noble Book Discussion Group)
Arguing About Slavery-John Quincy Adams and the Great Battle in the United States Congress- William Lee Miller- (battle over the "gag rule")
The South vs. The South - William W. Freehling
Lee Considered- Alan T. Nolan
The Lost Cause-The Confederate Exodus to Mexico-Andrew Rolle

Novels, Etc.
Shiloh, Shelby Foote
Confederates in The Attic-Dispatches from the Unfinished Civil War-Tony Horwitz

Lincoln-David Herbert Donald
Grant Memoirs and Selected Letters
Sherman-A Soldier's Passion for Order-John F. Marszalek
Fighting Joe Hooker-Walter H. Hebert-(CWi Book Discussion Group)
Letters to Amanda, Letters of Marion Hill Fitzpatrick, Army of Northern Virginia
edited by Jeffrey C. Lowe and Sam Hodges
John Ransom's Andersonville Diary-Life inside the civil war's most infamous prison-by John Ransom, with an introduction by Bruce Catton.
Weep Not For Me, Dear Mother-Elizabeth Whitley Roberson. Story and letters of 
Eli Pinson Landers-The Flint Hill Grays, Co.H of the 16th Regiment of Georgia Volunteers 
The Civil War Diary of Cyrus F. Boyd-Fifteenth Iowa Infantry 1861-1863
-Edited by Mildred Throne
All For The Union-The Civil War Diary and Letters of Elisha Hunt Rhodes
 Edited by Robert Hunt Rhodes
A Volunteer's Adventures-A Union Captain's Record of the Civil War-
John William De Forest
  Edited, with Notes, by James H. Croushore
The Diary of James T. Ayers-Civil War Recruiter
Edited with a new Preface, by John Hope Franklin. With a new Introduction by
John David Smith
Blue-Eyed Child of Fortune The Civil War Letters of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw
edited by Russell Duncan,
Hard Marching Everyday 1861-1865, Letters of Pvt. Wilbur Fisk, edited by Emil & Ruth Rosenblatt
Co Aytch-A Confederate Memoir of the Civl War- Sam R. Watkins
The Civil War Diary of a Common Soldier-William Wiley of the 77th Illinois Infantry
Edited by Terrence J. Winschel  (autographed)
Memoirs of a Soldier-Benjamin Taylor Smith (17 yrs old.of Kankakee, Il., enlisting at Watseka, Il. in Co.C, 51st Il.) edited by M.P.Mullen
Reluctant Rebel-The Secret Diary of Robert Patrick, 1861-1865
Edited by F.Jay Taylor
A Woman Doctor's Civil War-Ester Hill Hawks' Diary-edited by Gerald Schwartz
A Woman's WarTime Journal-An account of Sherman's devastation of a southern plantation, Dolly Sumner Lunt Burge-intro and notes by Julian Street

A Stillness at Appomattox-Bruce Catton
The Blue and The Gray-Thomas B. Allen, Photos by Sam Abell,
  Prepared by the Book Division National Geographic Society, Washington,DC
The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine*   November 1886, to April 1887
   "        "                 "              "               "         *   May 1888, to October 1888  (new)
Civil War Days-Everyday Life During the War Between the States-John Bowen
Pictures of  how the soldiers lived and fought, politicians, civilians, journalists, families and others.
They Fought Like Demons-Women Soldiers in the American Civil War
Deanne Blanton and Lauren M. Cook
Refugee Life in the Confederacy-Mary Elizabeth Massey
When the Devil Came Down to Dixie-Ben Butler in New Orleans Chester G.Hearn
Twelve Years a Slave, Solomon Northup-edited by Sue Eakin and Joseph Logsdon
HardTack and Coffee-John D. Billings
Recent Additions   Lincoln   Gettysburg   Trans-Mississippi   Still to be read   Video's, DVD's, Music
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