American History
A History Of the American People-Paul Johnson                                            
American's Constitution-A Biography-Akhil Reed Amar                                Done
America's Unwritten Constitution-Akhil Reed Amar
Amar on the Constitution-online
Approaching Democracy: A New Legal Order for Eastern Europe



Liberty, Order, and Justice-An Introduction to the Constitutional Principles
of American Government
-James McClellan
States Rights and the Union-Imperium in Imperio 1776-1876-Forrest McDonald    Done  
The Debate on the Constitution-Part 1: September 1787 to February 1788      Reading      
The Debate on the Constitution-Part 2: January to August 1788
Original Meanings-Politics and Ideas in the Making of the Constitution-Jack N. Rakove    Done
Thomas Paine  Rights of Man, Common Sense, and other Political Writings  Oxford World's Classics  
Democracy in America-Alexis de Tocqueville-Translated by Henry Reeves             
The Prince by Miccolo Machiavelli  (translated by W.K.Marriott)
Two Treatises of Government and A Letter Concerning Toleration-John Locke    Done
Leviathan-Thomas Hobbes   Done
Basic Policical Writings-Jean-Jacques Rousseau                                                    Done
Empire and Nation-Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania -John Dickinson
                                 Letters from The Federal Farmer-Richard Henry Lee
2nd edition, edited by Forrest McDonald                                                            Done
James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay-The Federalist Papers
The Anti-Federalist Papers and the Constitutional Convention Debates
edited by Ralph Ketcham
Decision in Philadelphia-The Constitutional Convention of 1787-
Christopher Collier and James Lincoln Collier                                                            Done
A Brilliant Solution-Inventing the American Constitution-Carol Berkin               Done
Plain, Honest Men-The Making of the American Constitution-Richard Beeman    Done
Revolutionaries-A New History of The Invention of America-Jack Rakove
Dark Bargain-Slavery, Profits, and the Struggle for the Constitution-Lawrence Goldstone
The American Republic-Primary Sources-Edited by Bruce Frohnen
Liberty and Order-The First American Party Struggle-edited by Lance Banning
E Pluribus Unum-The Formation of the American Republic 1776-1790-Forrest McDonald   Done
Novus Ordo Seclorum  The Intellectual Origins of the Constitution-Forrest McDonald   Done 
The Webster-Hayne Debate on the Nature of the Union-Selected Documents   Edited by Herman Belz   Done
His Excellency  George Washington-Joseph J. Ellis                                              Done   
Washington-A Life-Ron Chernow
"Mr. President" George Washinton and the making of the Presidency-Harlow Giles Unger
Mr. Jefferson's Lost Cause-Land, Farmers, Slavery and the Louisiana Purchase-Roger G. Kennedy
"Negro President" Jefferson and the Slave Powers-Garry Wills                      Done 
What Kind of Nation-Thomas Jefferson, John Marshall And the Epic Struggle to Create a United States-James F. Simon   Done
Affairs of Honor-National Politics in the New Republic-Jeanne B. Freeman
Adams vs Jefferson-The Tumultuous Election of 1800,  John Ferling              Done
Origins of the Bill of Rights-Leonard W. Levy
The Bill Of  Rights  Akhil Reed Amar                                                                     
The Bill of Rights and the States-The Colonial and Revolutionary Origins
of  American Liberties, edited by Patrick T. Conley and John P. Kaninski  
James Madison and the Struggle for the Bill of Rights,  Richard Labunski   
The Great Decision-Jefferson, Adams, Marshall, and the Battle for the Supreme Court-Cliff Sloan and David McKean  new
The Amendment That Refused to Die-Equality and Justice Deferred-A History of the Fourteenth Amendment-Howard N.Meyer (Updated Edition)
The American Revolution-A History-Gordon S. Wood                                          Done
The History of the American Revolution-David Ramsay,
edited by Lester H. Cohen, in 2 Vols.                                           Vol 1.& 2.             Done       
Faces of Revolution-Personalities and Themes in the Struggle for American Independence-Bernard Bailyn  
A People's History of the American Revolution-How Common People Shaped the Fight for Independence-Ray Raphael
Major Problems in the Era of the American Revolution, 1760-1791-Richard D. Brown
The Minutemen and Their World-Robert A. Cross
Patriot Pirates-The Privateer War for Freedom and Fortune in the American Revolution-Robert H.Patton
Empire of Liberty-History of the Early Republic, 1789-1815(Vol. 2 of the Oxford History)Gordon S. Wood
Radicalism of the American Revolution-Gordon S. Wood
1776-David McCullough                                                                                           Done
Nathanael Greene-Gerald M. Carbone                                                                                       Done
Through A Howling Wilderness-Thomas A. Desjardon
The Battle for the Fourteenth Colony-American War for Liberation of Canada-1774-1776-Mark Anderson
John the Painter-Terrorist of the American Revolution-Jessical Warner
The Divided Ground- Indians, Settlers, and the North American Borderland of the American Revolution-
Alan Taylor
American Creation-Triumphs and Tragedies At the Founding of the Republic
Joseph J. Ellis                                                                                                                                             Done  
The Perils of Peace-America's Struggle for Survival After Yorktown-Thomas Fleming 
The Rise of American Democracy-Jefferson to Lincoln-Sean Wilentz    
The First American-The Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin-H. W. Brands    Done
John Adams-David McCulloughm                                                                           Done
Abigail Adams-A  Life-Woody Holton
Samual Adams-A Life- Ira Stoll
Alexander Hamilton-American--Richard Brookhiser   
James Madison- The Founding Father-Robert Allen Rutland                                Done
James Madison-A Biography--Ralph Ketcham                                                                       Done
James Madison and the Making of America-Kevin R.C. Gutzman
Mr. and Mrs. Madison's War-America's First Couple and the Second War of Independence-Hugh Howard
Henry Adams and the Making of American-Garry Wills                                       Done
John Hancock-Merchant King and American Patriot, Harrold Giles Unger          Done
John Jay-Walter Stahr                                                                                                                           Done
George Mason-Forgotten Founder    Broadwater, Jeff
A Call to the Sea-Captain Charles Stewart of the U.S.S. Constitution
Claude Berube and John Rodgaard                                                                           Done
Not Just Wives-Women of Colonial Philadelphia-Karin Wulf
Women's Voices-Documents in Early American History
Edited by Carol Berkin & Leslie Horowitz
The Intimate Lives of the Founding Fathers-Thomas Fleming
Liberty's Daughters-The Revolutionary Experience of American Women 1750-1800
Mary Beth Norton                                                                                                   Done
The Americans-The Colonial Experience by Daniel J. Boorstin
The Men Who United the States-Simon Winchester
The Whiskey Rebellion-George Washington, Alexander Hamilton and the frontier
Rebels who challenged America's new found Sovereignty, William Hogeland  Done
Loosening the Bonds Mid-Atlantic Farm Women 1750-1850
Joan M. Jensen
Neither Lady Nor Slave-Working Women of the Old South-                             Done
edited by Susanna Delfino and Michele Gillespie
The French and Indian War-Deciding the Fate of North America-Walter R. Borneman  Done  
1812 The War That Forged a Nation-Walter R. Borneman
The War of 1812-A Forgotten Conflict-Donald R. Hickey                                  Done
1812 War With America-John Latimer   (The British Perspective)  
Liberty and Power-The Politics of Jacksonian America-Harry L. Watson        Done
Witnessing America-Library of Congress Book of Firsthand Accounts of Life in America 1600-1900-Compiled and Edited by Noel Rae                                                      Done
Celia, A Slave-Melton A. McLaurin                                                                     Done
Denmark Vesey-The Buried Story of America's Largest Slave Rebellion and the Man Who Led
 It -David Robertson                                                                                             Done
Nat Turner-A Slave Rebellion in History and Memory-edited by Kenneth Greenburg
(A companion to the PBS Documentary film, Nat Turner--A Troublesome Property.        Done
Fugitive Slave in the Gold Rush-Life and Adventures of James Williams-James Willians  Done
The Lost German Slave Girl-John Bailey                                                                     Done   
Sins of the Fathers- The Atlantic Slave Traders-1441-1807-James Pope-Hennesy    Done
Modern Medea-Steven Weisenburger                                                                           Done
Women's Diaries of the Westward Journey-Lillian Schlissel                                       Done
Faith and Betrayal-A Pioneer Woman's Passage in the American West      (1851-1883)
Sally Denton
Bold Spirit , Helga Estby's Forgotten Walk Across Victorian American
Linda Lawrence Hunt
A mother and daughter walk, from Washington State to New York City in 1896, to try and win a prize of $10,000 to save her family's farm.  Done
My Ever Dear Charlie-Letters Home from the Dakota Territory, The Draper Family Trust.    Done
The Tide of Empire-America's March To The Pacific-Michael Golay                        Done
Engines Of Change-The American Industrial Revolution 1790-1860-Brooke Hindle/Steven Lubar  
Brutal Journey-The Epic Story of the First Crossing of North America-Paul Schneider  Done
Men with Sand-Great Explorers of the North American West-John Moring              Done
The Oregon Trail-Frances Parkman, with an introduction by John P. Langellier               Done
The Age of Gold-The California Gold Rush and the New American Dream,   H.W. Brands   Done
Nothing Else Like it In The World-
The Men Who Built the Transcontinental Railroad-1863-1869- Stephen E. Ambrose        Done
The Path Between the Seas-The Creation of the Panama Canal 1870-1914
David McCullough                                                                                                           Done
The Influence of Sea Power Upon History 1660-1783  A.T.Mahan
Decision At Sea-Five Navel Battles That Shaped American History-Graig L. Symonds 
Autobiography of Mark Twain Vol 1-edited by Harriet Elinor Smith Washington-A Life-Ron Chernow
Elizabeth Cady Stanton-A Radical for Women's Rights-Lois W. Banner
The Orphan Trains-Placing  Out in America   Marilyn Irvin Holt
Bareback-One Man's Journey Along the Pony Express Trail    Jerry Ellis
Destiny of the Republic-A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President-Candice Millard
The Imperial Cruise-A Secret History of Empire-James Bradley
The Bully Pulpit-Roosevelt, Taft and Golden Age of Journalism-Doris Kearns Goodwin
The Wrath of Cochise-The Bascom Affair and the Orgins of the Apache Wars-Terry Wort
Iroquois-People of the Long House-Michael G. Johnson
Wyatt Earp-A Vigilante Life-Andrew C. Isenberg
Shot All To Hell-Jesse James, The Northfield Raid, and the Wild West's Greatest Escape-Mark Lee Gardner
UnBroken-A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption-Laura Hillenbrand 
The Liberators-America's Witness to the Holocaust - Michael  Hirsh 
Whirlwind-The Air War Against Japan 1942-1945-Barrett Tillman
Eisenhower-The White House Years-Jim Newton
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