At Gettysburg, or, What a Girl Saw and Heard of the Battle-Mrs. Tillie Pierce Allman
Bachelder Papers, ( Gettysburg) 3 vols. + Maps
Days of "Uncertainty and Dread" The Ordeal Endured by the Citizens at Gettysburg-Gerald R. Bennett   Done
"Double Canister At Ten Yards", The Federal Artillery And the Repulse of Pickets's Charge-David Shultz
Gettysburg   A Battlefield Guide      Mark Grimsley and Brooks D. Simpson
Gettysburg Magazine, Vol. 1-39
Gettysburg Requiem, The Life and Lost Cause of Confederate Colonel William C. Oates-Glenn W. LaFantasie
Gettysburg-A Testing of Courage-Noah Andre Trudeau
Gettysburg-Day Three-Jeffry D. Wert
Gettysburg-Day Two-A Study in Maps, John D. Imhof*
Gettysburg's Forgotten Cavalry Actions-Eric Wittenberg (autographed)
Gettysburg-Stephen W. Sears
Gettysburg-The First Day- Harry W. Pfanz
Gettysburg-The Second Day-Harry Pfanz
High Tide at Gettysburg-Glen Tucker
Lee's Real Plan at Gettysburg-Troy D. Harman                              Done
One Continuous Fight-The Retreat form Gettsyburg and the Pursuit of  Lee's Army of Northern Virginia,
 July 4-14, 1863-Erick J. Wittenberg, J.D. Petruzzi, and Michael F. Nugent
Pickett's Charge!-Eyewitness Accounts, edited by Richard Rollins
Pickett's Charge-The Last Attack at Gettysburg-Earl J. Hess
Retreat From Gettysburg-Lee, Logistics, & The Pennsylvania Campaign-Kent Masterson Brown
Series 1,Vol. 27, Part 1, 2, 3. OR-Gettysburg - Special edition by Morningside Books
The Cavalry at Gettysburg, Edward G. Longacre
The Colors of Courage-Gettysburg's Forgotten History-Immigrants, Women, and African Americans
in the Civil War's Defining Battle-Margaret S. Crieghton
The Gettysburg Campaign, A Study in Command-Edwin B. Coddington
The Gettysburg Papers, Gettysburg Papers from MOLLUS edited by Brandy, Freeland, Bearss
The Maps of Gettysburg, An Atlas of the Gettysburg Campaign, June 3-July 13, 1863-
Bradley M. Gottfried
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