The Vicksburg Campaign  in 3 Vol.- Bearss
Ninety-Eight Days-A Geographer's View of the Vicksburg Campaign-Warren E. Grabau
Vicksburg-The Campaign that Opened the Mississippi-Michael B. Ballard
Confusion Compounded-The Pivotal Battle of Raymond 12 May 1863-Warren E. Grabau  (autographed)
Champion Hill-Decisive Battle for Vicksburg-Timothy B.Smith
Grant Wins the War, Decision at Vicksburg- James R. Arnold
The Web of Victory Grant in Vicksburg-Earl S. Miers
Pemberton, The General Who Lost Vicksburg-Michael B. Ballard
Compelled to Appear in Print-The Vicksburg Manuscript of General John C. Pemberton
 Edited by David M. Smith
Vicksburg is the Key-The Struggle for the Mississippi River, Shea & Winschel
(autographed by Winschel)
Triumph and Defeat-Terrence J. Winschel (autographed)
Hardluck Ironclad-The Sinking and Salvage of the Cairo-Edwin C. Bearss (revised edition)
Grierson's Raid-D.Alexander Brown
The Lightning Mule Brigade-Abel Streight's 1863 Raid into Alabama-Robert L. Willett
Vicksburg, 47 Days of Siege-A.A.Hoehling
My Cave Life in Vicksburg, With Letters of Trial and Travel by a Lady (Mary Ann Webster)
Brokenburn-The Journal of Kate Stone 1861-1868
Edited by John Q. Anderson.With a new Introduction by Drew Gilpin Faust
Vicksburg  A People at War 1860-1865-Peter F. Walker
The Defense of Vicksburg A Louisiana Chronicle-Allan C. Richard, Jr. & Marry Margaret Higginbotham Richard, foreword by Terrence Winchel         
From the Letters of Emma Balfour, 1847-1857-Gordon Cotton (autographed)
Vicksburg-A City Under Siege, Diary of Emma Balfour-Phillip C Weinberger  (booklet)
Vicksburg and the War-Gordon Cotton and Jeff T. Giambrone
From the Pen of a She-Rebel-The Civil War Diary of Emilie Riley McKinley-
edited by Gordon Cotton
Louisiana in the Confederacy-Jefferson Davis Bragg
Port Hudson, Confederate Bastion on the Mississippi-Lawrence Lee Hewitt
The Second Texas Infantry-From Shiloh to Vicksburg-Joseph E. Chance
Sherman's Forgotten Campaign-The Meridan Expedition-Margie Bearss
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