Photos property of Mike Duffy, a co-worker, early April, 2004

Cashtown Inn
Confederate Artillery Shell in town building
Railroad Cut,  Railroad Station in Gettysburg
Luthern Seminary
Slaughter Pen
20th Maine Co B Stone Wall,  20th Maine Co B View of LRT
20th Maine Co B position Info
20th Maine Left Flank,  20th Maine Position LRT,
20th Maine Right Flank
Big Round Top & Little Round Top from CSA Center
Big Round Top & Little Round Top from Longstreet's Flank
LRT From Devil's Den,  LRT from the Wheatfield,  Union Center from LRT
Devil's Den From LRT,  Devil's Den Info,  Devil's Den Info 2
Devil's Den Sign
Warren Monument
Cemetery ArchCemetery Attack Info,  Cemetery Attack View

Spangler's Spring,  Spangler's Spring 2, Spangler's Spring Info
Spangler's Spring Info 2

CSA 1st Day Position  

Clump of Trees-Monument,  Clump of Trees-Target,  Clump Of Trees-Target 2
Clump of Trees

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