Winstead Hill

Tom Cartwright, standing in 1st photo, above, and Eric Jacobson, wearing green shirt in last photo,
 discussing the Battle of Franklin, Nov 30, 1864

Battle plaque, 3 photos facing North along the Columbia Pike, and 1 Northeast, toward the Louisburg Pike
At the time of the battle, the valley in front of you would have been clear of trees up to Franklin.

Brigadier's Walk

Carter House

Back views
of  the
Carter House

Note the numerous
  holes from minie
  balls in the back
      of the house.

1 muster member-
Tired and hot,
but enjoying
 the day

<Year round Kitchen

Log House>

Smoke House

The Gray markings were caused by
minie balls

Great example of a salt log. A hollowed out log, filled with brine  to soak  meats for preservation.

Back view
of the
Smoke House

Farm office

Back of Farm Office

^^Part of the Union defensive line at the Carter House.^ ^ 
Just at the brush line, you can see part of the Union defensive works

Located behind the VC at Franklin, our group had a memorial dedicated to Steve Wakefield, a long time member of our online group, and, a frequent visitor to Franklin. Steve spent many hours discussing Hoods Nashville campaign with Thomas Cartwright, and Eric Jacobson, who both consider Steve a close friend. When Steve passed away, he was hosting 2 families, victims of Hurrican Katrina, at his home in Memphis. Steve is morned by many in the Civil War Community, in both local Civil War groups, and in a number of online Civil War discussion groups.  The tree  and Plaque were donated by members of Dick Weeks (Shotgun-  online discussion group.

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