Acquisition.--Built at St. Louis, Mo., under contract, by James B. Eads & Co.
      Class: Steamer; gunboat; wood.
      Rate, rig, etc.: 4th.
January, 1862, 6 32-pdrs. 43 cwt., 3 VIII-inch 63 cwt., 4 army rifles 80 cwt., 1 12-pdr. howitzer;
September 30, 1862, 6 32-pdrs. 43 cwt., 3 army rifles 80 cwt., 3 VIII-Inch 63 cwt., 1 30-pdr. Parrott rifle; December 1, 1862, 6 32-pdrs. 43 cwt., 3 army rifles 80 cwt., 8 VIII-inch 63 cwt., 1 30-pdr. Parrott rifle.
Disposition.--She sunk within less than five minutes after being struck by a torpedo,
        18 miles up the Yazoo River, December 12, 1862.
Remarks.--Sunk 4 or 5 miles below Haynes' Bluff.
The U.S.S. Cairo

Bow-Portside interior
Armored Pilot House

Paddlewheel driver
Steam driver Arm
Paddlewheel frame

Steam Boilers
Cannon, Starboard side

Rudder Capstan
Bow Cannon, interior
Interior, showing iron rails
Starboard side, with Plating

Cannon and gun port
sideview, interior

Rudder, Starboard side

  Rudder Closeup
Closeup, side near stern

Reports concerning the U.S.S. Cairo
Flag-Officer Foote, U. S. Navy, to Lieutenant Prichett, U. S. Navy.
To assume temporary command of the U. S. S. Cairo.    January 13, 1862.
Report of Lieutenant Getty, U. S. Navy, commanding U. S. S. Marmora, of destruction of
U. S. S. Cairoto Captain HENRY WALKE,
Commanding Lower Mississippi Flotilla. December 13, 1862.
David D. Porter to A.M.Pennock, Fleet Captain and Commandant, Cairo, IL.
On sinking of Cairo and transfer of Cairo men for other duty  DECEMBER 16, 1862.
David D. Porter to Gideon Welles, Sec. of Navy,  on sinking of Cairo December 17, 1862.
Colonel Charles Rivers Ellet, Commanding Ram Fleet.to  Brigadier General ALFRED W. ELLET, Commanding Mississippi Marine Brigade On Sinking of the Cairo. December 20, 1862
Lieutenant-Commander Owen, U. S. Navy
Expedition into the Yazoo River to inspect the condition of the U. S. S. Cairo, October 13, 1863.

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