The 2005 Muster
GGOOoG Award
dedicated to
Steve "AOT" Wakefield

After enjoying our Barbeque dinner Friday night, we broke off into teams. After much discussion, each team viewed their 'building supplies' and proceded to construct our own versions of  Ironclads to help Grant in his taking of Vicksburg.

Dynamite Award
The Most Likely to
Attract Enemy Fire
David, Pat, Chuck

Super Award
Ship Most Likely to
Get Thru
Dean, Amanda,
Gage, Dana

Most Beautiful Ship
Jana, Ken, Hank

MVP Award
Magnificent Vessel
Mary, Trish, Tim

Wackiest Ship
on the Waters
Colleen, Ann, Bruce

One of a Kind Award
Most Innovative Ship
Mike, Steve, Dale

Vip Award
Vessel Imitating a
Pook Turtle
Tony, Base, Jack

Honorable Mention
The One Hell of a
Try Award
Vickie, Don, Archie

After Construction of our Naval Fleet, came the Test Trials which hopefully, would lead to contracts for the Naval Department.

On Friday morning, we visited the Vicksburg Park Visitors Center to view rifle and cannon demos by local re-enactors, before visiting the Centers, Museum and book Store.

  Vicksburg home
  Stockade Redan
Louisiana Circle, Grant Canal, Crossroads-Champion Hill 

Missouri/Illinois Monuments
Muster Banquet