Model of the Vicksburg defense line, Battlefield Museum,next to the Battlefield Inn,

U.S.S. Cairo


Views from the Mississippi on the Sweet Olive

Vicksburg Welcome

The Sweet Olive

Capt Dave

River-to West side

Across the Yazoo

Yazoo-just north of city

Yazoo-just north of city

Court House,
from river edge

Court House,
from on the river

Navy Monument from the Yazoo

Fort Hill

Louisiana Circle

Navy Circle (Union)
Southern Anchor of the
Union Siege lines preventing  the Confederates from escaping via the Warrington Rd

Some of the group enjoying the boat ride

Dale takes charge


Mike and Basecat

    Vicksburg home
Louisiana Circle, Grant Canal, Crossroads-Champion Hill 

Stockade Redan 
Missouri/Illinois Monuments
   Muster Iron Clads
Muster Banquet