Iowa troops in the Vicksburg Campaign

The following pages are from the Southern Historical Society Papers and involve Vicksburg.
The Defense of Port Hudson    Pt.1   Pt. 2
General S. D. Lee  The Siege Of Vicksburg.
Report of Colonel George Logan, on the Engagement Between the Federal Gunboats and Fort Beauregard
The Surrender of Vicksburg, A Defense of General. Penberton
Major J.T. Hogane of the Engineer Corps CSA
Reminiscences of the Siege of Vicksburg.  Pt.1    Pt. 2
The Third Maryland Battery On The Mississippi In The Spring Of 1863. Captain W.L. Ritter
Dedication Of A Bronze Tablet In Honor Of Botetourt Battery In Vicksburg National Park, November 23, 1907

The following pages are from "Civil War and Iowa-Greyhounds and Hawkeyes" CD-Rom, available at
 Civil War St. Louis.
Regimental histories have been edited to include their history during the Vicksburg Campaign.  The Iowa Journal each article is taken from is listed at the top of the page, where available.
Iowa in the Civil War-A Overview
Iowa at Vicksburg and the Vicksburg National Park
Iowa At Vicksburg
The Battle at Helena
Attempts on Vicksburg-Arkansas Post
Lauman's Charge at Jackson, by Colonel Crosley
Color Bearer of the 12th Iowa Volunteers
History or Biography of J.V. Hoakison, 4th Iowa Cav.
War Memories 11th Iowa-Author unknown
Iowa Bicentennial Commission, 1961
2nd Iowa Cavalry, Grierson's Raid
3rd Iowa Cavalry
4th Iowa Cavalry
     Iowa Infantry Histories-During Vicksburg Campaign
          9th -new
13th 15th 16th 17th
19th 20th 21st 22nd 22nd (Griffith)

The following items are from  Iowa History "Treasures From the Archives" Vol. 2-CD-Rom, also available from
Civil War St. Louis.
Diary of John S. Morgan, Company G, Thirty Third Iowa Infantry, up to July 14, 1863
The Twenty Forth Iowa Volunteers, as recorded by Thad L. Smith until his death
Formation to Bolton Station    Champion Hill     After the Siege     
Congressional Medals of Honor and Iowa Soldiers, by Col. Charles A. Clark
Although the following 2 articles are not Vicksburg related I thought them interesting so included them here.
Union Prisoners Escape from Tyler, Texas
 A Frontier Wedding

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