Confederate Cemetery
Franklin, Tenn.

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                    On this page you will find  information on the
                    Tinders who fought for the south during the
                    Civil War. So far we have identified 26.
                    Most of the material,  is from a combination
                    of sources, including several of  the Virginia
                    Regimental series,  Unit rosters on  the internet,
                    the OR,   the family tree on line, and the
                   Southern Historical Society Papers.
                       Where no information is given, there may be
                   some at the other family site listed in my links pages.

                          RICHARD TINDER

                          RICHARD TINDER   (Tenn. ?)

                          ALONZO TINDER

                          JOSEPH  ALLEN  TINDER

                          WILLIAM  M. TINDER

                          ARTHUR R. TINDER

                          A. J. TINDER

                          AMOS E. TINDER

                          EDGAR A. TINDER

                          GEORGE THOMAS TINDER

                          GEORGE W. TINDER

                          HERNDON FRAZER TINDER

                          JAMES L. TINDER

                          JAMES R. TINDER

                          J. D. TINDER

                          JOHN A. TINDER JR.

                          M. TINDER

                          N. B. TINDER

                          RICHARD TINDER

                          THOMAS ROBERTSON TINDER

                          W. TINDER

                          W. C. TINDER

                          W. B. TINDER

                          WILLIAM R. TINDER

                          JAMES ALLEN TINDER

                          JOHN THOMAS TINDER

                       Richard Tinder

                         Frances Eleanor Tinder, daughter of
                         David Tinder, and widow of Richard
                         Tinder, son of Anthony Tinder, made
                         application for a pension Sept. 26,
                         1910 for services rendered in the
                         Confederate Army during the Civil
                           Company D 30th
                         Virginia Infantry in 1862, and served
                         2 years and 6 months. That he
                         surrendered at Appomattox with Lee.
                      . Pension was rejected.
                         (The 30th Virginia Regimental History
                        does not show Richard, however, Confederate
                        regimental rosters are notorious for being

                     Richard Tinder

                          State:       Tennessee
                         Widow:     Frances Ellen Tinder
                         County:    Crockett
                         Pension #: W3323
                          No Unit given. Pension records being applied for

                       Alonzo Tinder

                          Alonzo Tinder  B. 1841 Culpepper Co.Vir.
                          7-1-61...Inlisted in the 46th Viriginia Infantry
                          Co. K, under Capt.George Pannill.    This was a 90
                          day Company . Service expired 10-1-61.
                          Alonzo returned home.

                          11-9-61...Inlisted in the 6th Virginia Cavalry
                          Co. I (Orange Rangers  from Orange Co.)
                          Capt Browning.  ( Capt Browning broke his ankle
                          10-5-61. Was finally dropped from  rolls 4-20-62

                          The 6th Vir. Cav. was penned the Bloody 6th by
                          Gen. Ewell.  The regiment participated in a  raid
                           behind  Pope’s army Aug 22-23,  ’62 that
                          captured Pope’s personal headquaters. One of
                          Pope’s uniform coats and a pair of boots were
                          carried off in the raid.
                          6-13-63...Transfered to the 9th Vir. Cav. Co. E.
                          Absent sick July-Aug ’63. Absent wounded
                          Jan-June, ’64 and at 10-1-64 final roll.
                          (Autobio sketch says he was wounded at Haw’s
                          Shop Vir. I believe this to be on May 28,’64)
                          Roster finishes by saying he was a tobacco dealer
                          in Kentucky, still resided there in 1915. No town given.

                         2 interesting notes on the regiment.
                         There were only 24 members present and paroled
                         at Appomattox. Even  though the regiment ended the
                         war with a great number of men on the roster,  most
                         slipped away in the dark and  vanished.
                         When the Union cavalryman H.J Kilpatrick knew
                          he had the 9th Reg against him he had to put in
                         3 regiments to fight it, as he considered
                         them to be the best cavalry regiment in the Confederate

                       Joseph Allen Tinder
                          Enlisted, age 18, 7/1/61 Co. K 46th  Vir.
                          Inf. under Captain George Pannill
                           (no Crutchfield listed  in Roster,
                          unless he was recruiting agent  for Pannill
                          and/or the 46th Vir.)
                          Discharged 10/1/61, being that Co K was a
                          90 day Company.

                          Enlisted 2/18/62 in Co E. 9th Virginia Cavarly.
                          Detailed as ambulance driver, Sept-Dec 1862.
                          Absent sick, March-April 1863.
                          POW at Thompson’s Cross Roads 5/4/63,
                          paroled on the spot. Present then thru
                          10/1/64, final roll. Paroled at Ashland, Vir.
                                                     Sources:   46th Vir Inf.
                                                                        9th Vir. Cav. Regimental History’s

                    William M. Tinder
                          Enlisted 3-20-62 in Co. H,
                          47th Virginia Infantry. On detached
                          service on rolls thru 12-31-62
                          Paroled at Richmond 4-26-65 with
                          rank as Sgt.

                   Arthur R. Tinder

                   A. J. Tinder

                   Amos E. Tinder
                         Private Co. K, 46th Vir. Inf. Enlisted
                         7/1/61, Culpepper County, age 20, under
                         Captain Pannill for 90 day service
                         returning home 10/1/61

                         4/1/62, enlisted in Co I, 6th Vir. Cavalry.
                         Always present until detailed on provost
                         guard duty on rolls for 7/10/64
                         Present on final 3/20/65 roll.

                   Edgar A. Tinder
                        resident Orange County, Vir
                        enl. 5/4/61 Virginia 6th Cav. Co.I age 20.
                        10 day furlough from 2/20/63.
                        In Richmond hospital 6/10-6/11/64 with diarrhea.
                        Detailed in hospital on 7-10/64 roll.
                        Otherwise detailed as courier on final 3/20/65 roll.
                        Paroled 9 April 1865 at Appomatax


                   George Thomas Tinder
                          A farmer, and resident of St Just, Orange Co.Vir.,
                          he was married in 1856
                          Enlisted as a Pvt.,  3-31-62 in the
                          Henry A. Wise Artillery, Virginia Light
                          Artillery, Brown's Battery, at Orange C.H., Va.
                          Hospitalized 4-28-62, no reason given
                         WIA  by a shell in the  abdomen near Yorktown,
                          Va. 6-24-62. (The OR shows 6-27, while the
                          regimental history shows 6-24).
                          On 10-4-62 the Wise Battery was eliminated and
                          George was transfered to Taylor's Battery on
                          He was shown as sick on the 10-31-62  rolls,from
                          9-12-62 thru 3-4-63. The 9-12-63 rolls shows
                          him detailed to drive ambulance, which he did until
                          12-31-63. (the 9-12-63 muster roll shows  his pay
                          was signed for by his attorney.) Rolls show him
                          detailed to drive Artillery Ordnance Train  of 1st
                          Corps 1-3-64 until 2-28-65.(Again, pay show to
                          be signed for by his attorney).
                          Paroled at Appomattox CH 4-9-65
                          He applied for a pension first in 1900 at age 68
                          and again in 1903 at age 71. Died 1-1-1904 of a
                          inflamation of the bladder.
                          His Widow, Susan, received $33.00 in pension from
                          Orange Co. in 1917

                    George W. Tinder

                    Herndon Frazer Tinder

                    James L. Tinder

                    James R. Tinder

                   J. D. Tinder
                         Private Company E, 9th Virginia
                         Cavalry, Enlisted 8/12/64.
                          Present on 10/1/64 final roll.

                   John A. Tinder Jr.

                   M. Tinder

                  N. B. Tinder
                         Private Company E, 10th Alabama
                         Infantry. May have been at Gettysburg.
                         The 10th was assigned to the 3rd Army
                         Corps under A. Hill, Anderson’s Division,
                         Gen. C.Wilcox’s brigade.
                         On day 2 at the Emmitsburg Road, with the
                         Spangler Farm their starting point.

                    Richard Tinder

                    Thomas Robertson Tinder

                    W. Tinder

                    W. C. Tinder

                    W. B. Tinder

                   William R. Tinder
                         Pvt, Co E 23rd Vir Inf. Enlisted 5/7/61 at
                         Brooklyn?? for 1 year. Re-enlisted 2/62,
                         furloughed. Detacted duty, nurse, hospital
                         at Staunton 11/12/62. Afterwards present
                         in all rolls until wounded, left leg 5/5/64
                         at the Wilderness, in hospital at Chimborazo
                         and Danville. Furloughed 60 days from Chimborazo
                         9/9/64. Surrendered and paroled 4/9/65 at
                         Appomattox C. H.
                         Possibly at Gettysburg, Steuart’s Brigade,
                         Johnson’s Division, 2nd Corps-Ewell,
                         as the 23rd was involved in the attack
                         on Culps Hill Day 2.

                    James Allen Tinder
                         Enlisted 7/17/61 in Co. E 9th Vir Cavalry.
                         AWOL Jan-April, 1864. Absent in
                         arrest May-June, 1864 and at final
                         rollcall 10/1/64, to be tried by court martial.

                    John Thomas Tinder
                         Confederate soldier 7th Virginia
                         Infantry, Company C. Also served in
                         the 6th Virginia Cavalry.