Chatroom Mini-Muster, 2008
Fort Wayne, IN
Abraham Lincoln Museum
Lincoln Musuem, Fort Wayne IN
This years mini-muster was also attended by none other than  HUG himself
mobile_96, 2007-8 protector of the GGooG
(Below)    Several members of the group relaxing in the Abe Lincoln Museum parking lot waiting for it to open!
Ole and Marie AmHistoryGuy AmHistoryGuy's wife, Mary Babs
Historical Society building, side view, incuding the site of the original farmer's market, still in use today Site of the original horse trough at the farmer's market
Two views of the History Center
in Fort Wayne
Backside, seen from the Lincoln Museum parking lot Fort Wayne History Center, front view Home site of Mother George, a Civil War  nurse, serving on the front lines in Miss. Tenn. Georgia <--and North Carolina
AmHistoryGuy leading a tour of   the older homes around the
Lincoln Museum with Mary and Ole looking on
More photos in the near future.