Mr. William S.Humphries, Vesuvius, Rockbridge County,Va
Co. E 5th Vir. Regiment, Stonewall Brigade
He was captured at Gettysburg and taken to Fort Delaware
The material here taken from his article in CV.     
           "Escape from Lookout Prison"

  After 3 months imprisonment at Ft. Delaware, we were removed to Point Lookout, situated at the mouth of the Potomac River, and here we were huddled together in a spot low and marshy,
and unhealthy. At first we were put in an old field with corn stalks and wild onions. Many prisoners were put to work, some working all day for rations. The area was thirty-six acres, fenced in with a high fence, ten feet from which within the inclosure was a deep trench. Outside along the wall was a platform on which passed the guards.   Beyond was another wall, and still further was the bay.
   The camp was laid off in streets, with tents for the prisoners.
   The aggregation of men composed all sorts from the dude to the hobo. Great ingenuity was shown by the men to while away their time, and many beautiful trinkets were made with rude tools, such as rings from buttons, fancy toys, etc. Numerous games were played and some gambled. The life was hard, and some of the men took the oath of the Federal government and were given their freedom, some joining the enemy's army and fighting against  their own friends. A few tried to escape.
  A number of prisoners operated a brick-making plant inside the prison, the bricks being dried in the sun. The men tunneled under the wall and tried to escape. They came up just inside the wall and five of them were shot. Their bodies were left on the ground for a whole day in order to show others what they might expect should they attempt to get out.
   On another occasion the Late Capt. B.C.Rawlings, of Rockbridge, was detailed to go out of prison with other men and get wood. He had his men cover him up with brush, and at night he made his escape, getting fifteen miles from prison, when he was recaptured and taken back. his punishment was wearing a ball and chain.
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