C.V. XXI  1913,
page 583
Wil.Timberlake, Mobile, Ala.

  "I was a prisoner at Pt. Lookout, Maryland until the last of June, 1865, having been captured in the Battle of Sailors Creek,Va. April 6.
   The prison was laid off in streets, called divisions, and the prisoners were formed into companies under a Sergent from our own men, whose duty it was to call the roll and make out
daily reports.
   Our Company was D, in the third division, and our Sargents name was Toomie"
   "I have been told that Major Brady, the commandant, had on several occasions let a prisoner out: so I resolved to try him.
   I waited at the gate one morning until he drove in and saluting him, made it known that I wished to speak to him.  I said, "Major, what is the chance to get out of this? The war is over, and I don't
want to die in here." He seemed to be mad and spoke roughly, saying, "What are you doing in here?"
I said,"They put me in here for shooting Yankees." He said,"Damn you,
this is the place for you," and drove off and left me. So I had to
wait until my turn came. When they commenced to release us, it was
done  alphabetically, and it took a long time to get down to T.
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