CV Vol.XXV (1917) pg 182
Who Was That Man?
Mr. F.G.Connellee writes from Bertrand, Va.:

   "One of the most daring incidents Iever witnessed was at Point Lookout.
I don't know who the soldier was nor even his command, but he was a fellow prisoner there with me. The weather was very cold, and the Potomac River was frozen hard way out. The Yankee officers were having a good time skating, while our poor boys were looking on."
   "My fellow prisoner pretended that he had never seen any skating in the South, but said it looked easy, and if he had a pair of skates he believed he could do it.
   Thinking to have some fun, one of the officers took off his skates and offered them to him. The prisoners put them on very awkwardly, slipped and slid, and fell dozens of times, greatly to the amusement of the officer and guard. After a little he improved. They remarked on it and followed him out farther and farther, saying that he would soon learn.
   Suddenly he straightened out and went off like a streak of lightening straight up the Maryland shore. The guards and officers followed him in hot chase, but none could keep up. He skated toward an open tract on the ice-a tract said to be about thirty feet wide-that was kept open by the ferryboat to the opposite side of the river. Aided by his tremmendous speed, he rose in the air and went with ease over that awful gap. Landing on his feet, he waved farewell and dashed to his own,
the Southland, once more. Not one man dared try to make that terrible jump.
    Before the guard could get back ashore and get around the open tract of the ferryboat, our hero (Let us say that he was) was out of sight and miles away.
   When next heard from, he was at the front fighting."
   Can anyone of the readers of the Veteran tell me who this boy was?? The story was told me by an old soldier whose word was never questioned. I shall be glad to hear from anyone who can give me any information on the subject.
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