Ohio Mini-Muster, 2008
May  24-26

With Muster Cancelled for this year, the Annual GGOoG Award, for the first time ever, was presented in our chat room on the evening of May 24th. Even though not nearly the same as doing the presentation live, it was well received by the 15 members attending. The Award was presented by mobile_96, last years holder to none other than Marie, for recognition of her very helpful support in meeting 'Fresh Fish" and welcoming them to the group.  Photos of Marie receiving the Award were taken on an outing to Fort Meigs, a War of 1812 Fort, at Toledo, on the 25th.
Janna receiving her coveted Award document
Marie with HUG

Among the winners of the Medal of Honor during the Civil War were a group of men that came to be called  "The Andrews Raiders". Their raid into Georgia, to steal  a train and do as much damage as possible to the Western and Atlantic Railroad while spiriting the train northward. Although they managed to steal "General", little damage was incurred, the Union recognized their efforts by awarding each member of the raid, the MoH
One of the Raiders, engineer William Knight, just happens to be buried just south of Marie. Marie had tried to locate the gravesite earlier, but, due to bad weather had to give up the attempt. On my visit to pass on the GGOoG Award, we decided to try and finish the quest of locating W. Knights final resting place.  The following photos show the result of our quest. As you can see,  "HUG"  joined us in our search.
Marie mobile_96
May 19, 08. Memorial Day  Fayette, Ohio.  Marie, in her widow's weeds,  reads a Poem* dedicated to the Fallen of all Wars.

Fayette, Ohio monument
 for the fallen of 1861-1865
 Memoria Day
Lime Creek Cemetery
Near Morenci, Michigan we discovered this small, hidden Cemetery with a Monument to fallen Michigan Civil War soldiers
On this trip I was able to visit Sauder's living History Village. Check it out!

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