of the
Blue and Gray
Princeton, Illinois
Civil War Re-enactment
 Oct 8-10, 2004

  The photos of the re-enactment presented here do not represent a specific fight, but the common elements of opposing forces meeting each other unexpectantly. Many times this meeting resulted only in a few shots from the skirmish lines and the 2 forces backing away, other times a more general fight would ensue, but if no good advantage could be gotten, again, both sides would back off to fight another day. At times these fights were from patrols, raids and/or the feeling out of the enemy. However, if each of the 2 forces  were the vanguard of a larger force, a general battle might develop as re-enforcements were fed into the lines.
  This demostration reveal the elements of the second type of  meeting of the enemy. Chance discovery, deployment of the forces, attack, counterattack, a slacking of the attacking when no clear advantage can be resolved, a truce  offered to recover the dead and wounded, and then a withdrawal by both forces.

33rd Illinois Volunteer Regiment Band

 Discovery of the presence of the enemy and deployment of forces

A cannon Duel

The Attack by the Confederate forces and the Union Defense

Both a Rebel cavalry and infantry attack stalls as the Union defense holds its position

A truce is called and medical personal advance to aid the wounded and bury the dead.

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