of the
Blue and Gray
Princeton, Illinois
Civil War Re-enactment
 Oct 8-10, 2004

President Lincoln and Mrs. Abraham Lincoln, (portrayed by Max and Donna Daniels).  The Grand Entrance,
 President  Lincoln giving a speech and answering questions from the gallery, and their stroll around the grounds.
33rd Il. Volunteer Regiment Band
33rd Il. Volunteer Regiment Band
33rd Il. Volunteer Regiment Band
33rd Il. Volunteer Regiment Band
Carriage with the President and Mrs. Lincoln

The President giving a speech
Lincoln and Mary Todd
President and Mrs. Lincoln
President and Mrs. Lincoln
Union Army Camp
77th Il.Vol. Inf. Field Hospital  Table with Tools  
             Office Area          Medical Kit
               17th Corps Field Hospital      Sign
                          Medicine Chest
 The Sanitary Commission helping Soldiers in the Field
The Friendly Undertaker and  his stock in trade
Grant, Lee, Custer & Company  Grant & Custer's tents  Rawlins  Custer  General and Mrs Lee   Lee
Regimental  Camp  2nd line of tents  Half-shelters  Liquid refreshments  Small portable forge and anvil     Regimental Forge  Blacksmith
29th Il. Colored Regiment  3 soldiers  soldier and lady
Dollie M. Williams >> 5 Photos contributed  by  
Dollie M. Williams,
a re-enactor in  the
29th Il. Colored Regiment


Union Drill
Union Drill


Confederate Drill
Fife & Drum

Miss. Valley Fife&Drum
Civilian Camp  
Making pottery  Daughter watching    Woodcarver
Friends of the GAR   Display
Suttler's Display and Shopper  Store owner talking with a Vandivier    Examining Dresses Outside
Suttler Sign  Owner  Helper(actually visiting from Holland)  Looking over the display   Shopper
Fashion Show and Ladies in Period Dresses walking the grounds
Ladies in Period Dress
Ladies in Period Dress
Sister of Charity

 Period Dress
 2 Young Ladies
 Husband and Wife
Ladies taking a Stroll
Period Dress

 Dinner over a campfire Young lady doing dinner chores  Mom watching over her   Coffee at the table
Another Camp   Cooking area
And yet another dinning area for hungry travelers
Princeton, Il. is home to a Red Covered Bridge, built in 1863
mobile at the Covered Bridge-Princeton,Il. Covered Bridge, Princeton, Il.

ads on inside rafters
inside view of Covered Bridge

Facing south
view of stream Bridge crosses

The re-enactment photos