Was Slavery the cause of Secession?  I find too many today that deflect the slavery question to other causes. It seems to Me to be an effort to Prove that gggrandpa didn't fight to protect slavery because he didn't have any slaves, thus proving that Slavery had nothing to do with the Civil War. 
Instead of listening to people today, I prefer to listen to what the Southerners themselves said about why they wanted out of the Union.
Page 1   Page 2   Page 3     If you have any other comments From that Era, that I have missed I would appreciate the quotes and sources (of course) so that I can add to these pages.
Another so called Proof that Slavery had nothing to do with the South leaving is, Confederate President Davis does not mention slavery in his inaugural address
    Based on that, then States Rights had nothing to do with secession (as claimed by many) as it not mentioned. As for Tariffs, Davis does mention "the freest trade which our necessities will permit". And the Confederate Congress not only immediately instituted a Tariff. but also Export Duties on Cotton,  a duty that is not permitted under the U.S. Constitution.
     Now, lets look at  "Jefferson Davis's Address to the Confederate Congress--April 29, 1861"
   The word count is a 'little' different in this Official Confederate Document.  Now it can be understood as to Why, this is never, ever mentioned when discussing Causes of the War, by people trying to prove that Slavery had little to do with the Civil War.
      Here is another interesting document, issued by the Confederate Congress (which can be found in the Southern Historical Society Papers, Vol 1, [starting on] page 23 )    "Address Of Congress To The People Of The Confederate States"   

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