Bark Juice - hard liquor
Bark Juice - hard liquor
barracks hack - one who avoided drill
barrel drill - having to stand on a barrel with a sign
beehive - a soldier's knapsack
beetle-crunchers - infantry who advanced or retreated over untrodden ground
belly robber - a mess sergeant or cook
big ticket - discharge papers
birdie - a POW
bite the bullet - to undertake a dangerous or repugnant task
blackberry picker - a straggler who preferred to avoid danger
blue mass - a concoction of mercury, chalk, licorice, and honey
body servant - an employed servant or slave who went to war, often expected to fight alongside their employer
bog-trotter - a soldier of Irish ancestry
Bragg's body guards to refer to body and head lice
Bummer = malingerer, someone who deliberately lags behind to forage or steal on his own behalf
Camp itch = an itch caused by remaining in a military camp for a long period without proper washing.  
Chicken Guts = officer's gold braiding on his cuff
Company Q = a fictitious unit designation for the sick list
Corned - drunk
Desecrated Vegetables = Union term for dehydrated (desiccated) vegetables formed into yellowish squares
Dog Robber = a soldier detailed from the ranks to act as cook
Embalmed Beef = governtment issued canned beef
Fairy Fleet = Boats carrying trade between sides at Fredericksburg
Forty Dead Men = a full cartridge box, which usually held 40 rounds
French leave...............AWOL.
Gallinippers A term used for those unmoral mosquitos.
Goober Grabber = A Georgian
Gun Wadding ... white bread
He's "in his cups", meant they were drunk.
I.W. = Abbreviaion for "In for the War"
Iron Clad Possum = Confederate term for an armadillo dinner
John Barleycorn - beer or rye whiskey
Jonah = a person who brings bad luck
Knight of the Ribbons = Nickname for a stage driver
light a shuck...leave in a hurry
Light Out - leave in haste
Long Sweetening - molasses
Lucifers - matches
Muggings" - a bottle of whiskey and "Big Muggings" - a gallon jug of whiskey
On his own hook = without orders
Or for cursing: "God's teeth!"
Pull foot also means to leave in a hurry.
Pumpkin Rinds = gold lieutenant's bars
Pumpkin slingers and European stovepipes==Belgian muskets
Sawbones  - a surgeon
Sheet Iron Crackers - hard tack
Skedaddle - run away, escape(as in "The Great Skedaddle" after First Bull Run).
Sloosh- corn meal flour and bacon grease field bread.
Somebody's Darling - comment when observing a dead soldier
Spondulix = Money
Suck the monkey - drink liquor out of a cask with a straw!!!
TALL WALKING == running away
Tennessee or Virginia Quick Step - diarrhea
Tetched in th' haid (touched in the head) for crazy
Unreconstructed = Unrependtant Confederate who will not accept defeat
Vidette - a sentry same as Picket but usually on horseback
Wallpapered - drunk
Whip one's weight in wild cats = To defeat a powerful opponent
White mouse - a lower deck informant for the master-at-arms.
Yaller Hammers ... corn bread
Yamacraw = A person of "poor character" or "of no good"
Yankee brains = horse manure
Zu-Zu = Zouaves

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