Folk Music (on LPs, unless noted otherwise) 
Frankie Armstrong
       Songs and Ballads                                                   Antilles
Joan Baez
        In Concert Pt. 2                                                       Vanguard
Richard Dyer-Bennet
       Mark Twain's 1601 (Bold, lusty, wickedly
                    funny, unexpurgated, Fireside
         conversation in the time of Queen Elizabeth 1)  Dyer-Bennet Records
       Folk Songs and Ballads                                          Decca
       #3  (Both volumes are English ballads)                  Dyer-Bennet Records
Oscar Brand
       Folk Songs For Fun
           w/ The Tarriers                                                    Decca
       Pie In The Sky (Satire in Folksong)                       Tradition
Harry Chapin
       Living Room Suite                                                  Elektra
       On The Road To Kingdom Come                           Elektra
       Verities & Balderdash                                            Elektra
       Heads & Tales                                                         Elektra
Judy Collins
       Maid of Constant Sorrow                                         Elektra
       Golden Apples of the Sun                                        Elektra
       3rd Album                                                                Elektra
       Judy Collins' Concert [live]                                     Elektra
       5th Album [live]                                                       Elektra
       In My Life                                                                Elektra
       Wildflowers                                                               Elektra
       Who Knows Where the Time Goes                         Elektra
       Whales & Nightingales                                            Elektra
       Living                                                                       Elektra
       Colors of the Day                                                     Elecktra
       True Stories and Other Dreams                              Elektra
       Judith                                                                        Elektra
       Bread and Roses                                                      Elektra
       Hard Times for Lovers                                            Elektra
       Running for My Life                                                Elektra
       Times of Our Lives                                                 Elektra
       So Early In The Spring                                            Elektra
Elizabeth Cotton
       Vol.2      Shake Sugaree                                          Folkways
Jim Croce
        Another Day, Another Town
              (with his wife Ingrid)                                         Pickwick
        You Don't Mess Around With Jim                        ABC
        Life and Times                                                        ABC
        Photographs & Memories
            (His Greatest Hits)                                             ABC
       You're Not Alone                                                    Warner Bros.
The Even Dozen Jug Band
      The Even Dozen Jug Band                                      Elektra
Country Joe & the Fish
      Together                                                                  Vanguard
      Incrediable! Live! Country Joe!                             Vanguard
Mimi & Richard Farina
       The Best of..       (2 lps)                                          Vanguard
Steve Forbert
       Alive On Arrival                                                     Nemperor
Kinky Friedman
       Sold American                                                        Vanguard
Arlo Guthrie
       Alices's Restaurant                                                Riprise
Woody Guthrie
      "We Ain't Down Yet"                                             Cream Records
      This Land Is Your Land                                           Folkways
       Woody Guthrie                                                        Archive of Folk Music
       Poor Boy                                                                   Folkways
Carolyn Hester
      Carolyn Hester                                                        RCA
      The Carolyn Hester Coalition                                 Metromedia
Joe Hickerson
      Drive Dull Care Away  Vol. 1                                 Folk-Legacy
      Drive Dull Care Away  Vol.2
Fred Holstein
      Chicago and Other Ports                                         Philo Records
Janis Ian
     For All The Seasons of Your Mind                         Verve
     Between The Lines                                                  Columbia
Ian & Sylvia
      Northern Journey                                                     Vanguard
Burl Ives
     The Times They Are A-Changin'!                            CBS
     Animal Folk                                                               Disneyland
     Singin' Easy                                                               Decca
     The Big Rock Candy Mountain                               Pickwick
Michael Katakis
      A Simpler Time                                                         A&M
Kingston Trio
     The Best Of.                                                               Capital
Bonnie Kolac
      Close-Up                                                                    Epic
      Wild and Recluse                                                       Epic
Jim Kweskin and the Jug Band
     See Reverse Side For Title                                      Vanguard
     Greatest Hits                                                            Vanguard
Bob Lind
      The Elusive                                                               Verve Folkways
       Photo-graphs of Feeling                                           World Pacific
John D. Loudermilk
     Sings A Bizarre Collection of the Most
              Unusual Songs                                                  RCA
     Suburban Attitudes in Country Verse                      RCA
Peter, Paul and Mary
         Album                                                                     Warner Bros.
The New Christy Minstrels
        Sing and play Cowboys and Indians                      Columbia
Joni Mitchell
      Wild Things Run Fast                                              Geffen Records
       Shadows and Light                                                   Asylum Records
       Court and Spark                                                       Asylum Records
       The Hissing of Summer Lawns                                Elektra
        Ladies of the Canyon                                              Reprise
       Joni Mitchell                                                            Reprise
       For The Roses                                                          Asylum Records
       Clouds                                                                       Reprise
       Hejira                                                                         Asylum
       Miles of Aisles                                                          Elektra
       Mingus                                                                       Asylum
       WinterLady 1967 (bootleg)                                       ??(in Canada)
          (This contains Joni's Cole commercial and London Bridge)
       w/ James Taylor-Takes Two To Tango (bootleg)    Smilin' Ears (1977)
Ed McCurdy
     Bawdy Ballads of Shakespear's Time                      Legacy
Rod McKuen
      w/Josh White     Folk Concert                                 Springboard
      Seasons In The Sun                                                 Warner bros.
      Pastorale            (2 LPs)                                           Warner bros.
Don McLean
      Solo                     (2 LPs)                                          United Artist
      Playin' Favorites                                                       United Artist
Herb Metoyer
      Something New                                                        Verve-Folkways
Phil Ochs
      Tape From California                                               A&M
       Chords of Fame      (2 LPs)                                     A&M
     The Essential                                                            Vanguard
      sings Ballads and Blues                                           Tradition Records
     Odetta                                                                         Everest Records
      Odetta (Felious) and Larry (Mohr)                          Fantasy
Tom Paxton
      How Come The Sun                                                  United Artist
Jim Post
     Magic... In Concert                                                   Flying Fish Records
Leon Redbone
     On The Track                                                           Warner Bros.
     RedHead                                                                   Legend Records
Jean RedPath
      Song Of The Seals                                                   Philo
John Renborn
      So Clear    (the J.Renborn Sampler Vol. 2)           Translantic Records
Jean Ritchie
      None But One                                                          Sire
      High Hills and Mountains                                       Greenhays
Gamble Rogers
      Live-The Warm Way Home                                   Jem Records
      The Lord Gives Me Grace and the
               Devil Gives Me Style                                 Mountain Railroad Records
Dave Van Ronk
      Folksinger                                                               Prestige Records
      Sings ballads, Blues & a spiritual                          Folkways Records
Buffy Sainte-Marie
      Many A Mile                                                          Vanguard
      Little Wheel Spin and Spin                                     Vanguard
      Its My Way                                                             Vanguard
      Illuminations                                                           Vanguard
      Sweet America                                                         ABC
      MoonShot                                                                Vanguard
       Buffy                                                                        MCA
      She Used to Wanna Be a Ballerina                         Vanguard
      Changing Woman                                                     MCA
      The Best of......Vol 2  (2 LPs)                                  Vanguard
Hobart Smith (of Saltville, Virginia)
      "America's Greatest Folk Instrumentalist"           Folk-Legacy Records
Alice Stuart
       All The Good Times                                                Arhoolie
Art Thiem
      Out Right Bold-Faced Lies                                      Kicking Mule Records
          (in concert at the Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago)
Mary Travers
        Morning Glory                                                        Warner Bros.
Doc Watson
       The Essential                                                           Vanguard
Peter Yarrow
       Love Songs                                                              Warner Bros

                            Assorted groups

Folk Festival of the Smokies
       Vol. 2                                                                        Traditional Records
Songs of the Railroad
        Recorded 1924-1934                                               Vetco Records