An assortment of  styles and artists
                                                                                       On CD

Japan-Shakuhachi (end blown bamboo flute,) and Koto
Japan-Tradition Vocal & Instrumental Music-soloist of the Ensemble Nipponia
KODO, Heartbeat Drummers of Japan
Music of-Japan
Sundanese Jaipong and other Popular Music-West Java
In the late1970's Jaipongan became popular. It features dance that is both erotic and humorous,
and the accompanying music was dominated by exuberant hightly dynamic drumming.. What is
interesting is it achieved great popularity in the most modern and nationally minded of Indonesian cities while remaining  a thoroughly regional and traditional genre, showing little or no influence from the West.
Spiked! The Music of Spike Jones
"Weird Al" Yankovic    Even Worse
                                        Bad Hair Day
African Voices-Songs of Life
Lightning Over The River
The twin cities of Kinshasa and Brazzaville on the Congo River are ground zero for Soukous, an
infectiously sweet and sexy party groove. Produced in Paris, Soukous features nimble guitarists
and sultry singers who layer intricate melodies over hip-swinging, rumba-based rhythms.
Vision Of Peace- The Art of Ravi Shankar
Mary Wells, including 2 albums, Sings My Guy and Two Lovers
Best of Mary Wells, The Milllennium Collection
Salif Keita "Falon"...The Past
Native Angels  Savae-Vocal Ensemble-Musical Miracles From the New World
The music came into being when Spanish Catholic Friars, as part of their religious mission,
composed songs for the Native Americans and African Slaves which incorporated
the converts own melodies, rhythms and language

Merril Bainbridge         "the garden"
                                    between the days
Cass Elliot   Dream A Little Dream

Coyote Oldman-Thunder Chord, New Music for Ancient American Flutes
Charlie Feathers   Charlie Feathers
                                Native People---solo flute    
William Gutierrez      Eagle Canyon                                    
                                   Raven's Song         
                                   keeper of the songs
Fernando Cellicion   Kokopeli Dreams   Native American Flute Music
Leon Redbone         No Regrets
Diana Ross              Everyday is a New Day
Dionne Warwick      Sings Dionne
Neil Young               Harvest

Dances with Wolves,            original Soundtrack
1492 Conquest of Paradise  Soundtrack
Wild Orchid                          Music for the Motion Picture
Barb Wire                               Soundtrack
Lord of The Rings-The Fellowship of The Rings         Soundtrack

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