Women of Country (cd only) 

Lynn Anderson
      Pure Country                                                            Sony
      Rosegarden                                                              Success
Sharon Anderson
      The Bottom Line                                                      Capital
Mandy Barnett
      I've Got A  Right To Cry                                         Sire
      Mandy Barnett                                                         Asylum
Suzy Bogguss
       Aces                                                                          Liberty
Dixie Chicks
      Shouldn't a Told You That                                       Crystal Clear
      Fly                                                                              Monument
Patsy Cline
      Country Great                                                          MCA
Linda Davis
       In a Different Light                                                 Capital
Skeeter Davis
      The Essential                                                             RCA
Holly Dunn
      The Blue Rose Of Texas                                          Warner Bros.
Barbara Fairchild
      The Light                                                                   Benson
Faith Hill
      Faith                                                                           Warner Bros.
      Breathe                                                                      Warner Bros.
The Judds
      River Of Time                                                          Curb
Alison Krauss & Union Station
      Everytime You Say Good Bye                                 Rounder
      Two Highways                                                           Rounder
       So Long So Wrong                                                   Rounder
Patty Loveless
     Up Against My Heart                                                MCA
     When Fallen Angels Fly                                             Epic
     Honky Tonk Angel                                                     MCA
Kathy Mattea
      Lonesone Standard Time                                         Mercury
      Untasted Honey                                                        Mercury
      Love Travels                                                             Mercury
Martina Mcbride
       Emotion                                                                    RCA
       Wild Angels                                                              RCA
Lila McCann
      Lila                                                                             Asylum
Mindy McCready
       I'm Not So Tough                                                    BNA Records
Reba McEntire
      Its Your Call                                                             MCA
      Greatest Hits Vol. 2                                                 MCA
      What If Its You                                                         MCA
       If You See Him                                                         MCA
Lorrie Morgan
      Leave The Light On                                                 RCA
Juice Newton
      Greatest Hits                                                            CEMA
Olivia Newton_John
      The Rumour                                                              MCA
      Totaly Hot                                                                 MCA
      Soul Kiss                                                                    MCA
      Don't Stop Believin'                                                  MCA
Dolly Parton
      Heartsongs  (Live from Home)                                Columbia
      Honky Tonk Angels
            with Loretta and Tammy                                     Col.
      Something Special                                                     Col.
      Eagle When She Flies                                               Col.
       The Grass Is Blue                                                    Sugar Hill
Gretchen Peters
       The Secret of Life                                                     Imprint
LeAnn Rimes
       Sittin' On Top Of The World                                   Curb Records
       Blue                                                                           Curb Records
Linda Ronstadt
       Different Drums                                                       Capital
       Feeling Like Home                                                   Elektra
       Cry Like a rainstorm
          Howl Like the Wind                                               Elektra
Tanya Tucker
       Strong Enough to Bend                                             Capital
       What Do I Do With Me                                            Capital
       Complicated                                                               Capital
       Can't Run From Yourself                                          Liberty
       Soon                                                                            Liberty
       Fire to Fire                                                                 Liberty
       Tennessee Woman                                                    Capital
Chely Wright
      Single White Female                                                   MCA
Trisha Yearwood
      Hearts In Armor                                                         MCA
      (songbook) a collection of hits                                   MCA
      Trisha Yearwood                                                         MCA