A few of my jazz albums (cd only) 
Cannonball Adderley  Know what I Mean                         Riverside 
                                Quintet-Mercy, Mercy, Mercy       Capital Jazz
                                Somethin' Else (with Miles)               Blue Note 
Gerald Albright
                  Groovology                                                        grp
Geri Allen Trio-     Twenty One                                         Blue Note
Albert Ammons w/ Meade Lux Lewis & Pete Johnson
                               Boogie Woogie Stomp                        delmark

Albert Ammons & Meade Lux Lewis
                                          The First Day                      Blue Note

Gene Ammons-      Badi Bossa Nova                                OJC
Louis Armstrong-  Complete RCA Recordings                RCA
                                 plays W.C.Handy                              Columbia
                                The Great Chicago Concert 1956     Columbia
                               & The Mills Brothers                  Jazz Archives
                               The Hot Fives & Hot Sevens             Columbia 
                              Satch Blows the Blues                         Columbia
Chet Baker          Sentimental Walk in Paris
                              Chet Baker in Paris                               Verve
Chris Barber-        Live in East Berlin                               Black Lion
Kenny Barron & Regina Carter         Freefall                  Verve
Count Basie-         Basie Big Band                                       Pablo
                               The Complete Atomic Basie             Roulette Jazz
                               Basie Meets Bond                              Capitol
                               Encounters Oscar Peterson
                                 Satch and Josh                     Original Jazz Classics
                               Basie's Beatle Bag  (Music of the Beatles)
David Becker Tribune-Third Time Around                       BlueMoon
George Benson-Breezin'                                                  Warner Bros.
Bill Bergman-and the Metro Jets                                         GAIA
Warren Bernhardt-Heat of the Moment                              DMP
Art Blakey-Orgy in Rhythm                                               Blue Note
                    The Sounds of Jazz                                              Cleo
                A night at Birdland Vol.1                                  Blue Note
                Moanin-The Jazz Messengers                         Blue Note
                Indestructible-The Jazz Messengers               Blue Note
                Art Blakey -The Jazz Messengers                     Savoy
               Caravan- The Jazz Messengers                        Riverside
Michael Brecker
             Nearness of You-The Ballad Book                       Verve
Clifford Brown-Complete Blue Note and
                           Pacific Jazz Recordings-Pacific Jazz
                      Study in Brown                                        EmArcy
                       jazz immortal-featuring Zoot Sims   Pacific Jazz Records
Dave Brubeck-The Quartet                                                 LRC
                          Jazz Impressions of Eurasia                       Col.
                      Jazz at College of the Pacific                        Fantasy
                      Once When I was Very Young                Musicmasters
                      Time Out                                                          Col.
                       Time Further Out                                           Col.
                      Nightshift                                          Telarc 
     W/ Paul Desmond,   1975: The Duets
Kenny Burrell-Blue Lights                                                Blue Note
                        & Coltrane                                          New Jazz Records
                         Midnight Blue                                           Blue Note
Donald Byrd-Electric Byrd                                                Blue Note
                  Kofi                                                                    Blue Note
                  Street Lady                                                       Blue Note
                  Black Byrd                                                        Blue Note
                  Byrd in Flight                                                    Blue Note
                 Byrd in Hand                                                      Blue Note
                  Places and Spaces                                             Blue Note
                  Free Form                                                          Blue Note
                  Mustang                                                            Blue Note
                  Blackjack                                                           Blue Note
                Grovin' for Nat                                                    Black Lion
                  And 125th Street, N.Y.C.                            DISCOVERY
                  "Byrd's Word"  (Japanese Import)                   Savoy
                Ethiopian Knights                                    Blue Note
                 Slow Drag                                                          Blue Note
Don Byron-bug Music                                                        Nonesuch
Paul Chambers-Bass On Top                                            Blue Note
                          Quintet                                                      Blue Note
Doc Cheatham-Doc Cheatham & Nicholas Payton           Verve
Don Cherry-Brown Rice                                                    A&M Jazz
Sonny Clark-Cool Struttin'                                                 Blue Note
                 Dial 5 for Sonny                                                  Blue Note
                 my conception                                                     Blue Note
                 Sonny's Crib                                                        Blue Note
Stanley Clark
                If This Base Could Only Talk                             Columbia
Nels Cline Trio
                Silencer                                                                  enja
Bill Coleman-The Great Parisian Session
John Coltrane-My Favorite Things                                      Atlantic
                     Sun Ship                                                          Impulse
                     Stellar Regins                                                 Impulse
                     The Complete African/Brass Sessions          Impulse
                     A Love Surpreme                                           Impulse
                     The John Coltrane Anthology                        Rhino
                     Blue Train (enhanced compact disc)             Blue Note
                     Tribuet to Coltane, Live Under the Sky          Col.
                      & Don Cherry                                                Atlantic
                     Coltrane Plays the Blues                                Alantic 
Chick Corea and Return to Forever
                     Light As A Feather                                         Polydor
                     Return to Forever                                             EMC
                     MusicMagic                                                   Columbia
                     Romantic Warrior                                   Columbia/Legacy
Sonny Criss   Up, Up and Away                                            OJC
                       Intermission Riff                                             OJC
Wolfgang Dauner, Charlie Mariano, Dino Saluzzi
                         Pas De Trois                                          Mood records
Miles Davis
                   Kind of Blue                                                     Col./Legacy
                   Bitches Brew                                                      Col.
                   In A Silent Way                                                  Col.
                  Ballads & Blues                                                  Blue Note
                  Birth of The Cool                                                Capital Jazz
                  Bag's Grove                                                        Prestige
                 Live (France,1988)                                              Delta
                 Miles in Tokyo (1964)                               Sony (Import CD)
                 Miles Ahead                                                        Col.
Miles Davis Quintet at Peacock Alley, 1956                SOULARD
                Steamin'                                                                Prestige
                Workin                                                                  Prestige
                Relazin                                                                  Prestige
                Cookin'                                                                 Prestige
                Walkin'-- All Stars                                               Prestige
                featuring  Sonny Rollins                                      Prestige
                Bluing:                                                                  Prestige
                Jack Johnson                                                       Col
                Siesta                                                               Warner Bros
               & Quincy Live at Montreux                            Warner Bros
                Some day My Prince will Come                           Col.
                Amandla                                                              Warner
               doo-bop                                                                 Warner
               Live-Evil                                                                 Col
    Saturday Night -Miles Davis In Person
    At The Blackhawk, San Francisco, Complete                Col
    The Miles Davis Sextet-Jazz at the Plaza                      Col
               Collectors Items                                                    OJC
Wild Bill Davison
             "Pretty Wild" & " With Strings Attached"
             Columbia Classics Reborn-                           Abbors Records

 Paul Desmond
         Complete RCA  Victor Recordings  featuring Jim Hall                                                                                                RCA
              From the Hot Afternoon                                       A&M
Eric Dolphy
               Outward Bound                                           Prestige/New Jazz
               Out to Lunch                                                        Blue Note
              The Illinois Concert                                             Blue Note
             Conversations                                           Fuel 2000 Records
Lou Donaldson
              Mr. Shing-A-Ling                                                Blue Note
              The Scorpion-Live at the
                    Cadillac Club                                                 Blue Note
             Everything I Play is Funky                                  Blue Note
              Quartet Quintet Sextet                                        Blue Note
             Hot Dog                                                                Blue Note
             Sunny Side Up                                                      Blue Note
             Lush Life                                                              Blue Note
              Midnight Creeper                                               Blue Note
Kenny Dorham
            Trumpeta Toccata                                                 Blue Note
           Whistle Stop                                                           Blue Note
            Una Mas                                                                Blue Note
Michael Dowdle
            From The Hip                                                          Airus
Kenny Drew
                   Undercurrent                                                   Blue Note
                   w/Quartet) Talkin'& Walkin'                          Blue Note
Roy Eldridge
                    and Dizzy Gillespie-Roy and Diz                     Verve
                    In Paris (june 1950)                                           RCA
Duke Ellington
                    & Coltrane                                                      Impulse
          Braggin' in Brass-The Imortal 1938 year               Portrait
          The Okeh  Ellington '27 thru Nov. '30                      Col.
          And His Mother Called Him Bill                            Bluebird
            \    Ring Dem Bells                                             Double Play
                 At Newport:1956                                      Columbia/Legacy
                 Money Jungle
          Ellington Private Collections, on  Saja/Atlanta
      Vol.   1  Studio Sessions, Chicago 1956
      Vol    2. Dance Concerts, California 1958
      Vol.   3  Studio Sessions, 1962
      Vol.   4  Studio Sessions 1963
      Vol.   5  The Suites, 1968 & '70
      Vol.   6  Dance Concerts, California 1958
      Vol.   7  Studio Sessions,  1957 & '62
      Vol.   8   Out of Print-anyone have a copy I can purchase?
      Vol.   9  Studio Sessions 1968
      Vol. 10  Studio Sessions 1965-66, '71
Richard Elliot
                 Soul Embrace                                                   Manhattan
Bill Evans
                Affinity                                                           Warner Bros.
               Portrait in Jazz                                                      OJC
               You Must Believe in Spring                           Warner Bros.
              Waltz for Debby                                                    OJC
Gil Evans & The Monday Night Orchestra
             Live at Sweet Basil                                          Gramavision
             Out of The Cool                                                     Impulse
             Where Flamingos Fly                                             A&M
Joe Farrell
             Moon Germs                                                           CBS
Béla Fleck and the Flecktones
             UFO Tofu                                                     Warner Brothers
             Three Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest                  Warner
             Tales From the Acoustic Planet                          Warner
             Left of Cool                                                          Warner
             Outbound                                                            Columbia
             Live at the Quick                                               Columbia   
             perpetual motion                                           Sony Classical
Ricky Ford
           Ebony Rhapsody                                                      Candid
Ronnie Foster
          Two-Headed Freap                                                  Blue Note
Michael Franks
          dragonfly summer                                                   Reprise
Curtis Fuller
          Blues-ette                                                                Blue Note
Stan Getz
          Anniversary                                                             EMARCY
          And the Cool Sounds                                Verve (New Releases)
Dizzy Gillespie
          Groovin' High                                                         Savoy Jazz
          Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac                                      Impulse
          Bird and  Diz                                                             Verve
          An electrifiying Evening with..                                 Verve
 Dizzy Gillespie and his Quintet with Lalo Schifrin
                                 The Gillespiana Suite
Paris Jazz Concert, Salle Pleyel: 20 November    1860   
                                                                                             Malaco Jazz Classics
        and his Quintet with James Moody 
                       Paris Jazz Concert, Olympia, 24 November 1965                                                                                 Malaco Jazz Classics
Benny Goodman
          Sextet 1939-41 featuring Charlie Christian         Columbia
          Basel  1959   recorded at the Mustermesse           TCB
Dextor Gordon
            Doin' Allright                                                          Blue Note
            Go                                                                            Blue Note
Stephane Grappell
           Live at The Blue Note                                             Telarc
Grant Green
          Sunday Mornin'                                                         Blue Note
          His Majesty King Funk                                               Verve
          Solid                                                                            Blue Note
          Green Street                                                             Blue Note
          Grant's First Stand                                                   Blue Note
          'Am I Blue'                                                               Blue Note

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