The Mar-Vel Masters  Hits of Tomorrow-Recorded Today
                         Volumn 1: Rock and Roll--Rockabilly---Country Rock              CCCP-100
 Starring: Bobby Sisco, Jack Bradshaw, Billy Hall, Chuck Dallas, Herbie Duncan, Ray Lynn
                            Harry Carter, Bob Burton, Billy Nix, Troy Robinson, Mel Kimbrough
                         Volume 2: "HillBilly Boogie                                                         CCCP-101
 Starring:  Harold Allen, Shorty Ashford, Jack Bradshaw, Bob Burton, Ronnie Burbin;
                Jim Gatlin, Billy Hall, Tex Justus, Bill Lillpop, Basil Smith
                                            "Josh Graves and Friends"-Bluegrass Specials       CCCP-102
                                            "Memphis Country"                                                   CCCP 103
Starring  Gene Williams and The Country Junction Band
                           Volume 3: Rock & Roll-RockaBilly-Country Rock                   CCCP-104
Starring: Bobby Sisco, Dhuck Dallis, Harold Allen, Slim O'Mary, Harry Carter, Bill Ferguson
               Shorty Ashford, Ramsey Kearney, Rem Wall, Paul Parker, Billy Nix, Beverly Sisters,
              Jack Bradshaw, Herbie Duncan, Lorenzo Smisth
                                         Billy Lee Riley--Vintage Rock and Roll!!!                CCLP-105
                        Volume 4:" it's Country"                                                            CCCP-106
Starring: Jack Bradshaw, Bob Burton, Rex Jennings,Billy Hall, Ginny Carter, Shorty Ahsford
              Bob Reed, Billy Bix, Ronnie Durbin, Frankie Meadows, Rem Wall, Bobby Sisco
                                        Billy Lee Riley--Twist And Shout                               CCLP-107
This album was originally released as "southern Soul"--Mojo LP 1933 in 1966
                        Volume 5: The Jack Bradshaw Story                                         CCLP 109
                   Near Beer, Last Night--What a party we had!        CCLP-200

European Labels and Artists              
                MAC Records, Lanaken Belgium
                                                           The Corals 
                                                     Rock! Corals  Rock                                           MAC  009
                                             Rocky West and the Humbuggers
                                                  Saturday Night Bon Ton                                       MAC 010
                                             Billy Wiggle 'N' The Wigglers
                                                    Baby Rock, Baby Roll                                         MAC 012 
                                         Ronnie Nightingale and the Haydocks
                                                    Hey You, Let's Rock                                           MAC 013
                                              Billy Wiggle & the Wigglers
                                                 the Rock-n-Roll therapy                                        MAC 015 
                                                   The Rockin' Cracks
                                               Just Playing Rock & Roll                                        MAC 016
                                                      Frank Anthony
                                               Lets Rock-n-Roll 2 Night                                        MAC 017