My Books on the Trans-Mississippi
Books in Black have been read. Books in Red are waiting to be read. Books in Green are in the process of being read.

Fort Scott-Courage and Conflict on the Border-Leo E. Oliva
Civil War on the Western Border, 1854-1865-Jay Monaghan
The Battle of Carthage-Border War in Southwest Missouri July 5,1861-
David C. Hinze and Karen Farnham (autographed)
Wilson's Creek   William Piston & Richard W. Hatcher III
Bloody Hill-The Civil War Battle of Wilson's Creek-William Riley Brooksher
Pea Ridge, Civil War Campaign in the West -..
 William L. Shea & Earl J. Hess       Autographed/ William Shea
The Battle of Westport-Westport Historical Society
Embattled Arkansas-The Prairie Grove Campaign of 1862-Michael E. Banasik
October 25th and The Battle of Mine Creek- Lumir F. Buresh
Confederate Cavalry West of the River-Stephen B. Oates

General Sterling Price and the Civil War in the West-Albert Castel
Damned Yankee-The Life of General Nathaniel Lyon-Christopher Philips
Nathaniel Lyon-Harbinger From Kansas by Captain Richard Scott Price, Fort Riley,, Kansas
Yankee Dutchman-The Life of Frazn Sigel-Stephen D. Engle
Shelby and His Men-John Newman Edwards
Noted Guerrillas-orThe Warfare of the Border-John Newman Edwards
Jennison's Jayhawkers- A Civil War Cavalry Regiment and Its Commander
by Stephen Z. Starr
A Texas Cavalry Officer's Civil War-The Diary and Letters of James C. Bates
Edited by Richard Lowe
M. Jeff  Thompson Memoirs-Edited by Donal J. Staton, Goodwin F. Berquist and
Paul C. Bowers (new)
Civil War Arkansas, Beyond Battles and Leaders-Edited by Anne J. Bailey and
Daniel E. Sutherland
Civil War Kansas-Reaping the Whirlwind-Albert Castel
Inside War-The Guerrilla Conflict in Missouri During the American Civil War-
­Michael Fellman
Gray Ghosts of the Confederacy-Guerrilla Warfare in the West 1861-1865
Richard S. Brownlee
Black Flag-Guerrilla Warfare on the Western Border, 1861-1865-
Thomas Goodrich
War to the Knife-Bleeding Kansas, 1854-1861-Thomas Goodrich
Bloody Dawn The Story of the Lawrence Massacre-Thoma Goodrich
The Lyon Campaign and History of the 1st Iowa Infantry 1861-E.F.Ware
The Story of a Cavalry Regiment-The Career of the Fourth Iowa Veteran Volunteers..From Kansas to Georgia 1861-1865 -Wm.Forse Scott (although not strickly a Trans-Miss. unit, it does nevertheless, cover the formation of and the efforts of the 4th Iowa in the Trans-Miss. in the units beginnings).
History of the First and Second Missouri Confederate brigades 1861-1865 and From Wakarusa to Appomattox-A Military Anagraph by R.S.Bevier
Memoirs of the Rebellion on the Border 1863-Wiley Britton
Rebel Invasion of Missouri and Kansas and the Campaign of The Army of the Border Against General Sterling Price in Oct and November 1864-Richard J. Hinton
A German in the Yankee Fatherland-The Civil War Letters of Henry A. Kircher-
Edited by Earl J. Hess
(Kircher 1st joined the 9th Ill. Inf, before entering the 12th Missouri, which consisted largely of German immigrants from St. Louis. He was in campaigns in Arkansas, at the long siege of Vicksburg and at Chattanooga.)
I Acted From Principle-The Civil War Diary of Dr. William M. McPheeters,
Confederate Surgeon in the Trans-Mississippi
-Edited by Cynthia Dehaven Pitcock & Bill J. Gurley
The Little Gods, Union Provost Marshals in Missouri 1861-1865-Joanne Chiles Eakin  & Annette W. Curtis (Revised & Enlarged Edition 2002

Bitter Tears  Missouri Women and Civil War-Their Stories-Carolyn M. Bartels
Opothleyaholo and the Loyal Muskogee-Their Flight to Kansas in the Civil War
Lela J. McBride

Unwritten Chapters of the Civil War West of the River in 4 volumes to date,
edited by Michael E. Banasik
Vol 1. Missouri Brothers in Gray-The Reminiscences and Letters of
William J. Bull and  John P. Bull

Vol 2. Reluctant Cannoneer-The Diary of Robert T.McMahan of the
Twenty-Fifth  Independent Ohio Light Artillery

Vol 3. Serving with Honor-The Diary of Captain Eathan Allen Pinnell of the Eighth Missouri Infantry (Confederate)
Vol 4. Missouri In 1861-The Civil War Letters of Franc B. Wilkie, Newspaper Correspondent


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