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Elkhorn Tavern and the troops
Keeping true to form, after succeeding at destroying Elkhorn Tavern, something even the Southerners couldn't do, a certain young lady attempts to crash the fences in a flanking movement. At the last possible moment her actions are thwarted by 29mo as GenP looks on in horror as they both envision the coming carnage if the fences are breached.

Some of our muster members:
KS   Map   BaylorDan&Wife   Basecat   CaptainB  PHP  bluelady
Hank  Mike  Xan  GenP  Vickie  
Dan and his Cardinal fans  another photo
Muster Orphans  Skylark

Mound City
James Montgomery's cabin  Listening to our host at Mound City
  Small house sitting next to the school

Mine Creek October 25, 1864

The Capture of General Marmaduke by James Dunlavy, an Iowa Private Cavalryman.
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Excerpted from the Iowa Journal of History and Politics, April, 1913.
Iowa State Historical Society. and published in: Civil War and Iowa: Greyhounds and Hawkeyes. CD-ROM. Creston, IA: O. J. Fargo, 2000.
2 views of Mine Creek just west of the ford used by the forces under Price, attempting to escape The Army of the Border, commanded by  Major General Curtis
Mine Creek 1   Mine Creek 2

Fort Scott    Arnold Schofield (the Fort Historian)  Stockade1   Stockade2  
Post Headquarters   Carriage House   Dragoon Barracks   Infantry Barracks
Hospital  Front  Back   Well Canopy  

National Cemetery,  1st Regiment Kansas Colored   E. Ware Monument
 Confederate Section      View 1   View 2

Ritchey Mansion  Front View  Back Porch  Tom Higdon & Crew  
Listening to Tom Higdon's  presentation

General Sweeny's Museum of Civil War History  Dr. Sweeney
 A few of his exhibits: Wilson's Creek   Inside view of a Officiers tent  1   2,
Sanitary Commission,   Horse Soldiers Weapons  1  2,  Cavalry    Gunboats
Price's Great Raid   Fort Blakely, Ala   Medicine in the Field  Cherokee Flag

Wilson's Creek  Aug. 10, 1861
 Connie Langum, Historian at Wilson's Creek   Natty Memorial Service   Natty 'Fans'
The Ray House  Side Approach  Front   Ray's Springhouse  
Inside the Ray House  Lyon's body was placed in this bed    Spinning Wheel
Ray's Cornfield, just beyond the Treeline.
Sinkhole on Bloody Hill-Burial site of 30 Union Soldiers

Carthage July 5, 1861. On  July 4, Sigel camps on the  southern edge of Carthage at Carters Spring on a drive north to intercept the Missouri State Guard heading south.
 1  2  3  

Pea Ridge  March 6-8, 1862
Elkhorn Tavern- Before the Battle  After the Battle
Confederate Battle Flag    Flag History
The Tavern today  1   2   3  

Praire Grove  December 7, 1862

Saturday Night Muster Dinner  
The Vacant Chair (in honor of Connie Boone)  The Vacant Chair 2
At Connies suggestion a book exchange table was started for this and future
musters  1   2  

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