On my last visit to Perryville, late Oct '03, I made a point to visit the Civil War Museum and Frontier Village at Bardstown, Kentucky.
The Museum is excellent, containing many well preserved and outstanding hard to find items
The Frontier Village presents the beginnings of Bardstown and is
being furnished with items that would be common to the pioneers.
Photos are forbidden in the Civil War Museum but I can share photos taken of the Village. I hope you enjoy enought to make a side trip to Bardstown a must when passing thru Kentucky or even while visiting Perryville. You will not be disappointed.

Hawns Still House  
Black Smith Shop
Wheel Makers Shop. With a device used to curve the wood to make the wheels
School House
General Store
The Overall Home  Outside view. Inside are the Salt Log and Iron collection
A Salt Log  A squared off and hollowed out log used to brine meat for preservation.
A surperb collection of very old Irons. There are many different designs here, including several that appear to be  oil or kerosene fired to keep them hot.
A Overshot Mill. Backside  Front  Front 2

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