Union Momunment
Union Monument

 Base-Union Monument
Union Monument


Confederate Monument&Cemetery

Perryville Park Entrance    Perryville Battlefield Museum/VC
Confederate Cemetery Marker  
Confederate Monument, Backside: Column, Base.  Column Rightside
Stones: 3rd Serg. Harris Cope   Samuel Ransom, Quartermaster

Merchant's Row
Karrick-Park House. used as a Confederate bivovac Oct. 7, 1862
Doctor J.J. Polk's office, Polk's Office, 2   Dr. Polk's house
Chaplin River, in town
Dug Road  
West side of ridge, facing east,  At top of ridge, 3 views going down  1   2    
East side of the ridge, facing up the hill-west

Crawford House, Bragg's Headquarters  1   2  
Crawford's Spring  Located at the bottom of the hill behind the Crawford house
was located the only continuous suppy of water in the area.

Squire Bottom Home  Squire Bottom House Marker  Squire Bottom Home 2
Doctor Creek, to right of  Squire Bottom Home
Squire Bottom's House from the position of the 10 OH
10 OH facing Cleburne's attack from the East
10 OH, facing ENE