Chili Peppers and the Civil War??
From the Pages of The Confederate Veteran
           Vol 26  (1918) 
 Written by Frank S. Roberts about winter quarters at Dalton, Ga. 1863-64
      General John K. Jackson's brigade
      Maj. Gen. William H.T. Watkins's division
      Lt. Gen. Willaim J. Hardee's Corps
   "Being a very large mess (9), our ration came in a good size chunk, especially beef. Sergent Miller was a excellent cook, and he could bake or roast our ration of beef to "a turn", and believe me, it was good. At times we had potatoes, which were "powerfull" good with the savory gravy he made. Corn bread was our standby in that line. This was baked in a big old Dutch oven about fourteen inches in diameter, two bakings of three pones each being required at each meal  per day. 
    We used liberally of the little Mexican red peppers for seasoning, which was a healty tonic for us. (Just here I shall digress to say that when we passed through Dalton in Oct, 1864, on our way into Tennessee, the previous winters camp could be located by the sea of pepper plants full of  peppers that covered the country from the seed that had fallen on the ground.) Occasionally bacon, with some kind of green vegatable, varies our bill of fare. We ordered a five gallon keg of Georgia cane syrup (it only cost $300) which went splendidly with our cornbread for desert.