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        My hobbies included:
       The American Civil War- I am interested:
Shiloh, Tn.; April 6-7, 1862   New Photos added to Page 1.
Perryville, Ky; Oct, 1862.
Mike's Gettysburg
Bardstown, Ky. Museum and Frontier Village
Muster 2003-Trans-Mississippi 1854-65
 Photos   2003 Trans-Mississippi Muster
Vicksburg, Miss. Muster 2005
Muster 2007-Tennessee

Muster 2010  The Shenandoah Valley
Princeton, Il.   Shadows of the Blue and Gray Re-enactment
Point Lookout, Md Some prison accounts
Lincoln's New Salem, Il. Minooka, IL. Re-enactment Oct. 2005
Fort Wayne, IN, mini-muster 08, Lincoln Museum    Lockport, IL. Civil War Days-initial photos
  Ohio, mini-muster May 24-6, & GGOOoG presentation 2008
   Fort Meigs, Perrysburg, Ohio   War of 1812
                                       Also enjoy reading diaries of soldiers and  the average citizen,
                                       both north and south. Also have been reading slave diaries.
         Fort Pillow, some newspaper accounts on the incident
         British Intervention in the American Civil War
         Bureau of Military Information   A Civil War Round Table Presentation, 2005
       The Civil War and Chilies too:
         Address by Major Robert Stiles, at the Dedication, June 7, 1893.
          For the  Monument To The Confederate Dead At The University Of Virginia
         Laws of War-Lieber Code
       My Civil War Library:
       Civil War Links:
         Civil War Blogs, etc.
        Non Civil War Links 

                     I  read and study, not to honor war and its horrors, but to honor and remember the men and women,
                    on both sides, that gave their all to the causes dear to them.
                    "Let them hope for perpetual peace and harmony with that enemy, whose manhood, however
                     mistaken the cause, drew forth such herculean deeds of valor."

            With help from other family members, we have located 40 relatives in  that did some service,
            however short, during that tragic episode of our country.  Presently I'm trying to track down
            that they did, and where they were.

                                                            Here is some of what we have found so far!

           Music: I love a wide variety of music, including;
       Jazz, early jazz, ragtime,swing, big band-which I'm getting more into now, bop, bebop,
                                Here are some from my collection.
                                This section is for  Women in Jazz.
                                This page shows some of  my latest additions.
                                I'm especially  proud of my sets of Mosaics.
         Blues, Everything from hard rocking blues to the old player sitting on the back porch
            playing on a 2 or 3 stringed guitar, or even  sitting in a prison with a home made cigar box guitar.
       Classical, especially violin and piano concertos,
         Folk music, starting with the old english ballads and coming forward
       Festivals, mostly from around the US, and Canada
         Rock and Roll, (Late 50's early 60's), the women groups and  early R & B
         Country & Western- (women of country listed todate, more to be added later)
         Other- will cover everything not included above, which is a very wide variety.

         Just Having Fun    A New Addition   Joking Around  

                  Cooking: I love to cook, especially for company, but beware, I love hot and spicy.
        Southern, including Cajun and the king of foods:  BBQ    Catfish   Just Desserts
        Southwestern style: Especially  Chili (page 4 added)
        Mexican, especially Salsa
      Fun With chilies


      Fishing: Catfish and carp are my favorites.  In China and Japan, the strong, intelligent carp has
          been a symbol for nobility, honor, and courage for centuries.  In Europe it was a food reserved

          exclusively for royalty during the Middle ages.  In Japan today, it is considered good manners to

          take a carp as a gift when invited to a home for dinner.

          And pound for pound, the carp, as a sportsfish, is the hardest fighter in fresh water.

Carpe diem.
 --Latin for "Seize the day"
Carpe carpium. 
--Latin for "Seize the carp"

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